Jun 10, 2008

Fun at the Water Park

Isn't she so cool? She loved these sunglasses. She kept taking them on and off and grinning. I would have taken a better picture but Hunter kept ruining the shot. Anytime I would get ready to take it, Hunter would stick his big head in the way because he wanted to be in the picture. By the time I got done yelling at him to get out of the way every time, the shot was over.

We went to the water park today. Hunter had a blast. Well, at the end he did. It took him a little while to warm up. Once he started having fun, then he took about a half hour screaming/crying break because sunscreen got in his eyes. This was the carefully chosen sunscreen I bought that was for babies because it was supposedly "strong, yet gentle and tear-free." Whatever! You would have thought he was dying and going blind for a half hour. Isn't Banana Boat supposed to be a good brand? We finally distracted him with some M and M's and the tour of a new slide he hadn't seen yet but it was a pirate ship! Then after that he had fun for the rest of the day. There was a quite a bit that he could do so he had a great time on the kiddie slides and wave pool. We will be going there about once a week this summer. Ainsley loved the water too, and kicked and giggled in it. But in typical Ainsley fashion, she also just wanted to be held the whole day or sit on a towel within a one foot vicinity of her mommy. So Daddy mostly did the slides with Hunter. I feel that I am officially acclimated to the Fresno heat this summer, because it's been in the 90's this week and it's felt perfect. I love the warm weather unless it gets over 100. But Fresno doesn't get that hot most days. That's just a myth generated from people who try to convince me (or themselves) that Salinas has great weather. Hahahaha. I like being able to get a tan more than two days out of the year.

I finally went to church this last Sunday after not being there for about a month with vacations and the kids being sick and all. I felt so out of the loop. I saw a couple of friends from my Mom's group and we are planning on getting together soon. I really enjoyed my group and met some lovely fun people. This picture is of some of the moms and our kids (there are a couple missing). The mom on the end is holding Hunter's little friend, Anne, and he really enjoys her a lot. Since moving here, it seems that most of Hunter's little friends have been girls, but he doesn't seem to mind.

Here is a picture of Ainsley doing the "elephant" and going "aaaaroooo" as she raises her arm. She is learning animal sounds and can do the bunny, snake, monkey and elephant now. She recognizes them too and when she sees them in a book, she'll make the sound before I prompt her (usually). Another cute thing she does is she copies Hunter and picks up his play airplanes and waves them back and forth and goes "ssss" "ssss" for the airplane noise. She let go with both hands and stood for several seconds today...more than once! She is getting braver at the whole walking thing. She looks so proud after she stands by herself too and looks at me like, "did you see me, did you see me?" And then she claps. Anytime she thinks that she may have done a trick, she claps and waits for someone to say "Yaaay!"
Pointing to it.
Here she is on her favorite perch again. She points to go out and says "this, this." She points and says, "this" at whatever she wants or is curious about. The minute I open the door, she crawls as fast as she can to the slide and stays perched on it. She also really likes to be pushed around on the bikes, and will try to climb on and says, "this, this" at me until I push her.
Look at those baby blues. This is after he just woke up on Sunday afternoon.

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