Jun 20, 2008

Professional Pictures

It must be done eventually but I was not looking forward to this....On our way to get our pictures taken. Hunter was siked and ready! Mostly because I promised him ice cream afterwards if he could smile big for me. He did great! Heck, I needed ice cream afterwards! We enjoyed a fudge sunday at McDonalds afterwards and they even had the toy he has been dreaming for a week about getting in his happy meal. He was in heaven!

He did really well for the first few....However, when I got there, they did not have a white background like I was hoping (it was broken or something). Lame. And it was difficult to make sissy want to do it. Finally I got her laughing. So I got good individual shots of the two of them. But, everytime we put Hunter next to her, she would scream and cry for me. Finally I got them both situated and happy, and the lady said, "Oh this session is over, and I have to start a new one. I can't have them both on there. You have to take one off as your freebie, and then put the other back after I take a picture of one." AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGH! So, after that, they never were OK together again, and I never did get a picture of the two of them. The only way I could do it was to hold Ainsley on my lap, so I am in the pictures of them together. Cute, because I made sure I matched just in case (I had a feeling), but annoyed because it would have worked out, but no, the lady couldn't start a new session with the two of them on there. She was pretty good at getting good shots and working with the kids though. At home, I tried again with my white background, and I couldn't get it either. These are my home shots, and the best I got of the two of them, was of them shoving flowers in each other's faces. Awesome. This why Ainsley is one year old and I have yet to get professional pictures of her. I hate picture taking, but I pretended I LOVED it with the kids. Hunter did so great, and I got two adorable pictures of Ainsley. Oh well, at least I got some good shots, which is more than I can say for other times when I have walked out of there with nothing. This why I go to Walmart. It's cheap, you can just walk in whenever the kids decide to be happy that day, and if it doesn't work out, who cares. It's cheap. Plus, I can scan them at home, photoshop them the way I want them and send them to Costco for different prints. Totally illegal, but I am cheap, and pictures are a huge rip-off!
These still have to be photoshopped but you get the idea of what they were wearing and how cute they were.

Yep, this is it. The best shot of the two of them. If Hunter didn't torment her so much, she could at least stand to be near him.....

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