Jul 21, 2008

Bass Lake Vacation

We had such a great time at Bass Lake with the family. How do I take 100 fun photos and condence them into just a few for this blog?

Here are some highlights of the trip.

There were sweet peas growing everywhere, so I picked some for our picnic table and harvested some seeds for our garden this next spring. Ainsley liked the flowers, but what she really like where the ducks at the lake and the deer that visited every evening. Her new big words for the week were "Duck!" and "Quack, Quack, Quack!!!" Bobbing her head very hard as she says it.

We rode to the store around the corner for ice cream. They both ate their own huge scoop. Sissy wasn't too thrilled with the helmet, it kept slipping around, but it was the smallest one I could find in stores. I think Hunter has outgrown his helmet as it doesn't want to fit right on his head. We have helmet issues this year.

Daddy and the kids just playing around. Daddy was a lot of fun this week and when we played games in the evening, he got so into them that everyone just laughed and laughed at the crazy things he was saying. But really...how competitive can you be on a game called "Pass the Pigs" ?
This is hands down, my most favorite picture of all time. The big thing was to try and stand up on the tube while being pulled by the boat. Hahahaha! Krista felt her ride with mom wasn't interesting enough and tried to kill her while standing up. Hahahahaha!
We rode the tube because we rented a boat with the Berg family for an afternoon. Hunter loved his slow ride which felt very fast to him. I just about got killed with Krista on my ride. I had bruises all down my arm and a huge purple chin by the time we were done. The lake was really rough, and skiing was pretty impossible. Hunter watched us bucking around on the tube and told Shelley Berg, "I went that fast too!" In his little mind, he did! I'll be the first to say though that I am not sure that anyone got the ride I got!
The next day we went to Yosemite. We just drove down into the valley, walked to Bridal Veil Falls, and then drove back. We were planning on doing other things, but for one thing or another, it didn't work out.

Here are the sisters at Bridal Veil Falls. Hunter loved climbing on the rocks around the stream. He thought it was great and is off doing that with Daddy while we pose.
Hunter got really comfortable in his life jacket and all he wanted to was swim out to the dock and jump off. Here he is running and jumping. Daddy in convinced him to go off head first and backwards, but neither of those worked out too good for him. Running and jumping was the most fun. The dock was a ways out there but he swam back and forth all day long in his little lifejacket.
Ainsley in her baby boat. She like paddling around in it for a while, but then she wanted back on the beach to sit on her blanket and eat crackers. She mostly sat on the beach eating and playing the sand the whole week. Oh, and quacking at the ducks who kept coming up and trying to sneak her crackers.
There was a log in our little swimming cove that everyone tried to conquer. Tone is on it but about ready to fall off as I pull it over.
Lest you think I never got on....here's proof that I did. After a day of playing on this, I had big purple bruises all down my leg to add to my arm and chin. I was looking good by the end of the week. But I conquered that log!

Hunter playing in the lake water.
Ainsley loved filling her bucket with sand and alternately eating it. It didn't seem to bother her though.
Hunter loved this waverunner so much that he didn't want to get off, and had the biggest fit of his life. He had to be dragged back to the beach. So not cool. Then for sure, he wasn't getting another turn after that. But at least he had fun and wasn't scared!
We rode the train at Sugar Pine just by Yosemite. Hunter looked at the brochure with all the pictures of it for about an hour. He was in heaven and thought that the train was GREAT! Ainsley like to look over the edge and point at the trees going by.
Watching the engine go!
It was a great week and we came back relaxed and happy. Hunter improved his swimming skills, Ainsley can now "quack", and so all in all, quite productive.

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