Jul 28, 2008

For once he didn't do it!

Hunter was absolutely delighted two nights ago. For once someone did something bad and it wasn't him. Daddy did it. A boy, it was a goody! This picture doesn't even come close to doing it justice. Tone went to grab the full bottle of Teriyaki marinade (think Costco size) from the top shelf, and he dropped it. It crashed out of his hands and spread about a years supply of sticky marinade all over my kitchen. I had just spent most of the day deep cleaning the kitchen, and so apparently, Tone was going to great lengths to get me to mop the floor as well. It splashed all over Tone, nailed every cabinet, covered the floor, and completed covered every inch of the inside of my fridge, and we even found a few dots on the ceiling! Hunter was in heaven. For a whole hour while he watched us clean up, he leaned over the counter asked Daddy what he thought he was doing when he made that huge mess. He told Daddy to be more careful. He asked Daddy why he did that. He told Daddy that he did a bad thing. And so it went. Every phrase I have told Hunter for the last few months when he got in trouble was gleefully being repeated to Daddy. Hunter has never had such a good night.
(This was following a bad morning when Hunter got into his school supplies, ate candy of the forbidden candy bowl, pooed his pants instead of going in the toilet, and opened up the sugar canister and scooped himself some sugar to eat, all before 8:30 am)

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