Jul 24, 2008

Hunter's new toy train from Grandpa Stover

Hunter got this really cool train from Grandpa Stover in the mail. Grandpa Stover made it for him and he has been playing with it for the last three days. He took the packing material and stuck it in all the holes for "coal." Even Sissy pushes it around and says "Whoo whoo!" I think she means "choo choo!" Ainsley also (finally!) started signing what she wants the last couple of days after months of signing to her. She signs "more" and "thirsty" and "all done." She also tries to say them at the same time, but it much easier to know what she wants when she puts the sign with it. Yay! Not as much guess work!

Unpacking the box after he woke up. He was excited to get something in the mail "just for me!" He is a little distracted during this video because one of his favorite videos is on the TV.

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