Jul 22, 2008

Silly baby!

Eating dinner tonight she got so messy and made some funny faces. She was having a good time eating.
Ainsley for the last two days has been wanted to stand up all the time. She climbed up on her little rocking chair and played in it for a long time, and then she got brave and decided to stand in it. She usually gets a really excited look on her face when she stands by herself and waits for me to say, "yay Ainsley!" And then she grins or claps. I wish I could get this video turned around of her standing on the chair. Oh well.

Ainsley and I outside today. Me and my pretty baby in our backyard. It's been in the low 90's here this week and it's just been beautiful out. This was taken around 7:00 pm and we played outside for a while.


  1. That top pic is pretty scary. The face Ainsley is making kind of reminds me of the face Krista used to make at me every morning in the hallway during junior high. Still makes me want to cower near my locker.

  2. Ainsley totally has Tony's body and Krista's scary face! I agree with Lisa! Wow! :) Actually, all you Stover's can make a face like that!

    Glad you are having a nice, warm summer.!