Jul 26, 2008

String, Carpet Shampoo, and Preschool

So our fish that Hunter got over two years ago finally died. It was a long life for a little Beta fish and I am wondering if the name Hunter gave it added to it's life span. He had named the fish, "Jesus". So this week we went and got a new fish. He is reddish purple. Very pretty. Hunter named him, "String". I told him this wasn't a name, but Hunter was adament that that should definately be the fish's new name. So "String"'s name still stands.
Last night Hunter thought it would be cool so take the carpet shampoo squirt bottle and squirt Sissy's little bald head down. Apparently she was dirty. He found out it wasn't cool. She enjoyed her bath after we rinsed her eys out.

I don't want to put Hunter is preschool, but I have noticed that he is ready for some pre-K learning. So this week we have been doing "school" everyday. I got some beginning letter and learning preschool workbooks (this was A for alligator week), and all of my manipulatives (that I have several boxes of from teaching kindergarten). Yesterday we played with colored bears making patterns. He did pretty well. He gets simple patterns and we were working on some harder ones. We also have done some mazes, beginning writing (that's not going so well), and letter recognition. He already knows his colors and shapes and how to count to 14. After that he just says random numbers with "teen" on the end. He colors and draws almost everyday. He also loves reading books with me everyday. He LOVES it and it's special time for him and me. We will do it three times a week when school starts up because two days a week I go to women's Bible studies where he gets to play with other kids and interact with them.
We went to Auntie Katie's house to swim in her apartment's pool. Hunter was making sure that he wouldn't drown with a lifejacket on, a little tube, and legs through Ainsley's baby boat. I'm pretty confident he was safe. You oughta see him run and jump in with this on. It's a run, and plop float. He can swim well with just his lifejacket, but somehow all of this on was more fun. He didn't get out of the pool for three hours. It was hot out so he didn't turn purple like he usually does when he swims.
He was in love with Katie's cat, but the cat was not so in love with him, so we put him up on the fridge to pet the cat in his hiding spot. The cats finally ventured down by the end of our visit. Ainsley kept poking the cat and then getting excited everytime she poked it. She'd say, "Meeee, Meee!" (for meow)

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