Jul 11, 2008

To My Little One (written last month)

Little one,
I ache that it won't be my finger you will grasp,
As you take those tottering first steps.
But awed that you will be grasping the gentle finger of God.
You were here in secret mystery,
And left taking with you a mother's hope.
But not her love which is connected by an unbreakable cord.
Instead of being born in innocence and into pain,
You are carried gently to a place,
Where the dirt of the world will never marr your soul.
But rather your soul and self,
Will become all that it's meant to be without contamination.
God takes joy over you
And all the intricasies of who you are.
You are His delight.
He spent as much time creating you,
As someone who spends years going gray here.
With an eternal purpose.
And you will bloom and grow in a place of perfect love,
Becoming all you were designed to be.
And one day, I will meet you, my wonderful child.
God's perfection in you.
I will run to my child,
And hold you as I have been waiting to do.
I am always your Mommy.
And I so love you.

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  1. Made me cry! Thanks for linking back to this - it definitely means more to me now than it did when you first wrote it.