Jul 9, 2008

Trip to Missouri

We had a great time on our trip to Missouri to visit my in-laws and nephew and nieces. The grandparents took me, my kids, and my sister-in-laws kids on a road trip down in Arkansas to go camping their motorhome. We went water-skiing on a lake, played in a fishing hole, caught crawdads and tadpoles, fed fish at a hatchery, went to a gospel music fest and country hoedown (both Dad's idea), went to an 1800's themed amusement park, watched fireworks, and had a great time. Here are some pictures:
Daddy helped us get to the airport before he had to work, so the kids are waving at Daddy as they watch him prepare to leave before we have to catch our flight. That's Tone way back there in the Captain's seat. Here is a thought about flying. Why isn't that you can't recline your seat two inches while in take off and landing? You might die if it's reclined, but forward two inches....ahhh, now I have a chance. Also, the lady in front of me had a child on her lap in a baby carrier. The flight attendent told her she had to take it out for take-off and landing. Attatched to the mother....probably not gonna make it, but flying about the cabin, ahhhh, now the kid has a chance! American rules at it's finest folks!
Ainsley is just a head and two stick legs. This was not a thrill for her to wear on the boat.
Hunter loved swimming in the lake and really wanted to water ski but we didn't have a ski small enough for him.
All the kids on the boat. Sierra, Dean, and Aubrie all got up on the skis and did pretty well. I figure I did pretty well since I have a picture with all of them smiling in it.
Catching tadpoles.
I got one! This was the only one Hunter was able to catch without help so he was pretty proud of it. They are fast little buggers.
Ainsley loved sitting and playing the water with the rocks. I showed her a tadpole and she promptly picked it up and tried to eat it. I didn't show her any more.
I caught this crawdad, and Sierra was brave enough to touch it. Hunter wouldn't even hold the bowl or get within two feet of the bowl.
Feeding fish at the fish hatchery. This Hunter loved and kept running down to get more food to throw at them.
Ainsley and Grandpa looking at fish. They were very exciting to her. Grandpa held Ainsley the whole week, and by the end of the week, he was almost as good as Mommy. They became best buds.
Grandpa riding the kids around behind the lawn mower. These are the three who weren't currently riding the four wheeler. Hunter never did get brave enough to try the four wheeler, but preferred to be driven around in style like this.
Ainsley in the grass.
Aubrie is loving her cousin.
This was Ainsley's favorite toy for the week. She liked to sit on the second story and stick her legs out the window and door. Weird kid.
At the Amusement park. Ainsley rode her first ride, and really liked this butterfly.
All the kids at the amusement park. They are all smiling again (well, not Ainsley), but still this is quite an accomplishment after a long, tiring day riding rides, getting wet, and playing hard in the ball pit.
Happy fourth of July! Aren't they styling and ready for the fireworks! Hunter loved them for a while, but then the noise got to him, but Ainsley managed to take her first steps from lawn chair to lawn chair while we watched. She wasn't bothered a bit, but was more intent on seeing what was in the person's cup sitting next to us. This kid can eat, all she thinks about it is food, and that's why she took her first steps. For someone so tiny, she really packs it away!

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