Aug 24, 2008

Getting out of the Funk

Cookies always help with a funk. Hunter went and got his chef's hat. He thought that it would be better to cook this way. He did not want to wear an apron though. Too girly.

He lost interest until this part. He wasn't quite happy when I took the other beater to lick. He wanted both of them. When I took the cookies out of the oven, I left them on the pan to cool. I came back a few minutes later to a pan with two missing. Any guesses as to who ate them?
I made a tent out of our living room chairs for Hunter to play in. Sissy enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with him. We had a picnic snack of popcorn in there. The kirby people visited our neighborhood this week. We let them do our carpets which desperately needed shampooing but we held strong and did not buy a vacuum. I felt the taddest bit guilty. I need a new vacuum (ours might just possibly be one of the most ancient ones still in use and it's still going strong), but I why would I buy a new one for several hundred dollars when we can buy a barely used kirby on ebay for $200-300 dollars? That will probably be my Christmas present from Tone this year. I have gotten many great fun presents from Tone this year (ipod, camera, mom's ring), but really a new vacuum would be just as great. Can you tell I am a mom?
All dressed up for church this morning and walking.
Here she is looking cute and charming. What a little princess, no?
The "Miss Priss" walk across the living room.
But this is the "real" Ainsley of the last few days. Cranky and crying about everything. Poor Hunter. She is purposefully destroying everything of his that he builds and he is getting tired of it. When I try to take her away, this is the look I get, or she throws herself face down on the floor and yells. Apparently some discipline is in order here. *sigh* I just got Hunter straightened out. If it's not one.....
My sweet boy ready for church.
One thing I have loved about etsy is the great crafting ideas I get. I found this cute idea for fabric birds that the seller was selling for around $40. I quickly whipped up the pattern, made one and am planning on giving it to my Aunt. I took some cute pictures of it but they will have to be posted later. I cannot find the cable for my camera to hook it to the computer because I didn't remember to put a card in it while I was taking pictures. We have about ten million cameras in this house that we are selling on ebay, and I can't find the one to our own camera! Figures. I will have to wait until I can ask Tone.
Another way to get out of a funk is to throw yourself into life. So I am. Today was the ministry fair at our church and I launched in. I am working with the youth group, volunteered to lead a mom's group at my house on Friday's (at home mom's can lead lonely lives at times), teaching children's church, and starting a monthly ministry to visit convalescent homes with our children. I was only going to do the Mom's group and youth group, but I realized that they were beneficial to the church, but what was I doing for my community in which I live? When I realized the answer was nothing, I decided to get proactive and asked if I could start a group for mom's to reach lonely shut-ins. The idea is to make a craft with their kids and then take it to patients once a month and visit. It's something easily done with kids too to get them involved with their community and to teach them to be giving and selfless. Plus it's easy and fun.
I also do a women's study at my Aunt's church once a week during the year, but I don't do anything there. I just get to show up which is nice for once. I learned a ton last year, and really feel like I learned a lot of life-lessons with how to better live my own life. It's my personal "meat-and-potatoes" deep study, so to speak. All that being said, I am hopeful about the coming year, positive that I will find friends in my new community, and feeling much better about my funk. It didn't really help me get time to myself, but it will help me get a support group around me to do "life" with, so to speak. *side note*: I can't even take a shower by myself. I told Tone I was taking a break from being with kids all day and I locked the door to my bedroom and tried to take a shower. Hunter went around to the outside french door and got in that way. Why didn't I think of that door????!!!! My shower door has handprint marks and lip marks all down the front from Ainsley looking in and shouting at me to get out. Oh the day I can take a shower without blowfish lips on the glass! *sigh*

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