Aug 13, 2008

Late nights

Ainsley loves these sunglasses from a happy meal. She's just my sunshine girl who eats nonstop. Whenever she sees me she signs for food and drink and says "mo" or "soos", which translated is "more" or "juice." It wouldn't be that funny except that she's so tiny. We are not sure where she puts is away since she is still in 3-6 month clothes.

He looked so silly eating this cone, I had to take pictures. It was a highlight of the day, because the next morning he tried to make his own ice cream cone before Daddy caught him.

He was thoroughly loving this cone, and ate it without dripping at all. I was amazed.
This is his idea of a silly face.

Again, my blog has been quiet for a while. Busy, Busy, Busy! I have been pulling late nights every night sewing and watching buff olympic people compete. Namely, Michael Phelps of course. Though I enjoyed the likes of men's gymnastics as well. haha. We just had Tone's sister, Shari, and her kids visit us for a few days. I am currently getting my house back in order so that I can have my parents and sister over for the weekend (starting tomorrow). As soon as they leave, I rush into Salinas after church to go to a wedding shower. Good grief! My life needs to slow down! I am supposed to go to a couple of church training meetings for people involved in children's church, but between my parents coming in, showers, and a wedding, I'm just going to miss them. We are also going camping the week of my birthday (two weeks away). When the summer is over, I think it stays just as crazy. I am supposed to be starting working with the youth group at church. That hasn't happened yet because I have had such a busy summer. Oh yeah, Tone and I have been working like crazy on our home businesses that we just started too. As soon as school starts, I will be going to two women's Bible studies during the week. I also want to focus on getting Hunter ready for school this year and that involves time out of my day to work with him on that in the mornings. He loves it though, and it makes me stop and pay attention to him. I think that I am going to be super busy this year.

I finished up making two pairs of boots today which I put in my etsy store. I have had boutiques ask me about selling to them wholesale, and lots of people looking, but not really any sells yet (well just one so far). I also had my first taste of reality when one of the the other shoe sellers on etsy copied one of my designs and sold it under a fancier name, and then stole my idea for microsuade sole bottoms. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

Ainsley has been trying to walk this week. At best she can only take five steps at a time, but she's getting more confident and steady. For a while there, she was running a couple steps and diving at me. She's a fiesty little happy thing with a stubborn, fearless personality. She's pretty much happy all the time unless Hunter takes something from her or she's denied food. Then she throws a temper tantrum. They learn early don't they? She has quite a shriek on her. But for the most part, she's an easy, happy baby.

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  1. Hi - I like your newest designs! I LOVE the little ballet shoes!!! How did you find out about that other etsy seller?