Aug 5, 2008

My new "baby"

So I haven't posted in like a week, which is pretty long for me! I have been busy, busy, busy and focused on my latest "baby." But I am excited about what I have been working on!

I started an online boutique selling baby shoes! Yes I did. And Tone got an ebay business up and running this last two weeks selling wholesale items. Whew! Have we been busy! I would never have had the courage to even try selling my designs until Tone was confident a home business could work. We are just brave trying to get two home businesses going in the same week. So in addition to keeping his going while he's been gone, I have been feverishly working on my shoes. I have tossed it around for the last couple years, but I just haven't been that brave. So I took a deep breathe and made the leap! I have my boutique posted at

So check it out. I am nervous, but I think that it might work out for a little income a month. I can sew these little shoes while Hunter and Ainsley are napping or sleeping at night, and it's totally flexible on MY time! Always good. I have no idea what I am nervous about. That people won't buy or will buy (and it will actually work out)?! It's always worth the try though.

If you have never checked out go check it out. It's an online sight for everything vintage or handmade. There are some beautiful and unique items on there. I could spend hours just brousing! So support an artist and use etsy for your next gift! I have my new shoes posted on the side of my blog so let me know what you think!


  1. These shoes are SO CUTE! I love how creative you got with them - not just plain fabric. Definitely worth trying to sell. I hope they sell like hotcakes! :)

  2. Jenny! Those are GORGEOUS. I knew you could sew and stuff, but I did not know you could do THAT! You are so talented.