Aug 30, 2008

Pretty things

I found a camera cable in the million and one cameras around here and hooked up my camera so I could show you the little birdy I made as promised. He's only about 4 to 5 inches, but he sure is cute isn't he? Cheeky little begger I think. Very easy to make: make french knot eyes, hand sew him up, stuff him, make little legs out of wire and poke them through, and then sew on embellishments. The possibilities are endless. Of course, I did copy this idea from etsy, so I won't be selling him.

I sold five pairs of shoes this week. So I had one to sew almost every day. I also got crafty last night and I sewed this darling little outfit for Ainsley. I found the pattern on this blog for a knot dress, and thought I could handle it. I ended up making it a lot harder on myself because I wanted to put that extra bit of green floral on the bottom, but it still turned out pretty cute. I even did french seams along most edges so that you don't see open seams on the inside. The inside looks almost as good as the outside. The tricky part was that the pattern was in size 6 and Ainsley is size 1 (if that). So I also had to create the pattern from scratch, but all in all, I'm in love with it. I also figured out how to make baby bandanas that have elastic in back (all on my own), and I bought these little pants from walmart for $4.00. I cut the bottoms off and added a coordinating cuff to make capris for the summer. This morning it was off to the yard for a photo shoot in her new duds.

The ties go through button holes and then knot in the front to keep the dress up.
The pants are about to go. I need to put some more elastic in the back. I bought them because they were narrown waisted but apparently not narrow enough.
Our bushes were covered in butterflies and so Hunter decided they would be most fun to catch. He had a great time tromping through my bushes trying to make them fly away. He's not fast enough to hurt any butterflies, and my bushes are now pretty hardy enough to withstand him.

Yet more photos of my little darling. You do know if you click on the photo it gets bigger right?
Her new favorite word is "no." Of course. But the way she says it is so cute. She casually says a long drawn out, "Naaaaa." If you ever heard my step-brother Andy say it, you know exactly how it sounds. She also shakes her head no and says an emphatic, "uh-UH!" I have learned that this actually means yes. Kooky girl.
Looking and laughing at me and Hunter.

I hear the words of the song, "isn't she lovely?" when I see this photo.
Clapping at something that delights her.

Just showing off what the back looks like. Bandanas are good for bald heads in the summer! (and she keeps it on much better than the headbands and hair clips). Maybe I'll add these to my etsy store with embellishments on them.


  1. I am always so amazed at your creativity!

  2. You are so creative! I don't know that I would've thought to put those fabrics together for the dress, but they look so cute! And the matching capris and headband are darling, too! You should try to sell some of those hankerchiefs - there are probably a lot of people like me who would appreciate amazingly cute items like that, but wouldn't have thought of them in a million years! :)

  3. Sometimes I admire you...sometimes I'm just jealous. So cool. You mom was telling John and I about your little ebay business, too - very nice. Hope you are well today...