Sep 30, 2008

A Delighful Thought

I love how children think. Hunter had a delightful thought today. He said,
"Mommy, the sun must love everybody, so that's why he follows everybody around. And the moon does too!"

Other delightful things: Fall is coming! It is supposed to rain here on Saturday which will be the first in about 4 months! You wouldn't know it by today because it was in the 90's still.
However, because it will be October, I decorated my mantle with Halloween in mind. But I don't like the color orange, so this is how I improvised:

Ha. I am still trying to figure out what color to paint the wall around the mantle and therefore have various paint samples hanging on my plates so I can watch the color change throughout the day.
Inside it says "BOO" taped on kabob sticks in nests of Spanish moss.
Crows are just mysterious aren't they? And I found them at the Dollar Store. I saw the same crow at the crafts store for $10!
Old mystery books just add the right touch.

I also have been busy sewing this week. My best week so far! This little shoe I just had to take a picture of because they were cutom made for preemie sized feet. They look like doll shoes and are still a bit big. They are just the cutest thing! It reminds me how precious life is.

This Sunday was our first week at the new church campus. Next week is the official opening, but they had a regular service to practice run-throughs. There were still about 80 people. We are excited to be part of a church plant just a couple minutes from our house. It's desperately needed on this side of town. Ainsley is all dolled up and ready to go. She is wearing the same shoe style as the one above, and I think one could fit inside the other. How fast they grow in a year!

On the front porch with little Miss Muffet. I was excited. This was a 12 month size dress. She's fifteen months, but still, it's closer to the right size!
We went to the zoo this week again with Daddy. Here they are pretending to swim like a turtle. I felt really bad, because we left after Ainsley's nap and she felt really hot and lethargic the whole time. It was hot out, so I just kept giving her water and thought that she must be having trouble cooling down. Turns out, she had the flu and had a fever the whole day and next. Poor baby. My first clue should have been when she didn't want to eat everything on her tray before we left. But no, she had to get dragged around the zoo in the heat. But since she was happy that morning, I really didn't have a clue.

I have been begging Hunter to sind this song that he made up while we were camping for the camera. It's awesome, but not so awesome this time because he is singing reluctantly. He sings to himself his madeup stuff ALL the time, but this one in particular is a gem. The words, which he made up with no prompting are "Rock and Roll through the forest to the campfire! Doot, doo, doo dee doo."

Sep 27, 2008

Mr. Potato Head goes to tea

So I suppose if you read my last blog, you realize that we have an "all boy" problem at our house. I felt I must blog before I went to bed how I am remedying that. Today we were playing with Mr. Sweet Potato Head (as Hunter likes to call him, and I admit he's a little orangey) or just Tato Head, and we decided he needed a snack. So we went into Ainsley's room and set out food on the little table, and had a great time. I made Mr. Tato head say many funny things and apparently he doesn't like vegetables, so Hunter had to put him in time out. Lest you think this was a prim and proper tea party, let me clear that up. The great joke was that Mr. Tato Head could store food and body parts in his bottom for later (you know how his backside opens up for storage?). So, I had to stear Hunter clear of verging on gross inappropriateness.

Anyhow, Hunter was dismayed that we didn't have any cupcakes or cakes to offer Mr. Tato head when he got off time out. We only had ice cream and cookies and donuts and chocolate play food. So in order to help Mr. Tato Head keep his rather round figure, I whipped up some felt cakes while Hunter was sleeping tonight. They verge on the very ammateur, I think maybe I might recognize that for food variety, but Hey! Hunter will like it. We always snuggle and talk when Hunter goes to bed and he told me his favorite part of the day was when we played with Mr. Sweet Potato Head, and "we MUST do this again in the morning, Mommy!" I love how English proper he can sound sometimes.

I left Tato Head for Hunter to find at his seat when he wakes up in the morning. The cake is supposed to have four pieces. I am not out of ideas for cakes, but out of energy and bed is calling me. The other two pieces of cake will have to be baked another day. I can't wait to see his face in the morning when he sees this at his breakfast spot.

Sep 26, 2008

It's possible there's a little too much "boy" at our house....

It's possible that there is a little too much "boy" going on at our house. I shall explain. Yesterday I took Ainsley and Hunter to McDonalds. Since Sissy can now eat her own happy meal, it was the first time I bought two. Ainsley wolfed all of her's down, and Hunter could barely choke down two nuggets (but I digress, while this could be a fascinating discussion on how Ainsley eats like a pig and keeps her tiny figure, this is not the point of this blog). Hunter got a boy toy and Ainsley got a girl toy. Her's just happened to be a little doll from the Wizard of Oz. She really didn't want it, and was more interested in Hunter's car that shoots, but when she finally got down to play (it took her a while, she was focused on her food), she picked it up. I showed her how it worked. You lay it down and it closes it's eyes and when you pick it up, it opens know the type. She looked at me blankly. Then she immediately scrubbed it across the ground making "Vrrrroooom" car noises. It's possible Hunter's having a slight impact on her play.

Then the neighbor girl, Emma, who is Hunter's age, came over to play. They play quite differently at the respective houses. At our house it's cars and blocks. At Emma's house it's tea parties. Anyhow, they went outside to play, and when Hunter came in, I overheard him say,
"Eww, Emma, I stink! Don't you want to smell me?"
Poor Emma. Why they adore each other and want to play everyday is beyond me.

Hunter has been counting everyday in my hopes that he will be able to count to 20 soon. So far, he skips some "teens". Ainsley loves it. She points too, and goes, "uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, AHHH!" Hunter always says the last number really loud, and since Ainsley has no idea what we are doing, she just randomly stabs her finger at the air and says "uh, uh, uh, uh" with a big excited yell at the end.

Sep 24, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes.....

My friends and I at Sarah's wedding. It was really lovely and sweet.

We went to a wedding this weekend in Salinas, and Auntie Katie babysat during the wedding. Hunter had a great time using up all the phrases he has heard me say a million times to him, but he knows better than to use any of them back. However, Auntie Katie was fair game apparently and it was a prime opportunity to assert his verbal skills. Luckily, Auntie Katie is a spit-fire and puts up with none of it. Later though, she had a good chuckle telling us all about it.
Here is a sampling:

He asked Katie for a banana. I never cut his up, but he told Auntie Katie that I do. He told her very seriously leaning on the rocker like a big boy,
"That's how she always does it, it never changes, so keep it that way!"
He must have really wanted them cut.

Katie asked if she could have part of his banana. He said no, she couldn't have half (so generous of him). So when he wasn't looking, she snuck a bite. He noticed, and Katie said "no I didn't." To which he replied, "Yes you did eat half, you ate the pointy piece!" Well, one bite isn't quite half, but if Katie wanted to go unnoticed, she should've eaten a piece out of the middle.

I brought in Ainsley's sippy cup and Hunter is big enough to drink from a regular cup now. However, he told Katie that the sippy cup on the table was his.
"That's MY sippy cup!" and wouldn't share. Liar. He knew, he just knew that Katie didn't.

She read him a book we have, "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." He got her to read it by guilt tripping her.
"But Auntie Katie! I've NEVER seen this book before!"
Lied again. It happens to be a favorite at our house.

At one point he told her when she asked him if he wanted to do something,
"I already said no, don't ask me again!"
This is a phrase that I use on him a lot, but he doesn't have the guts to use back to me. Katie was fair game.

She took the kids to the park around the corner. When it was time to go, she told him one more time down the slide. You know, standard procedure, and then we always go.
Oh no. Since Katie is new, he thought he'd try something that he knows better with me.
He told her when he got down:
"I need to go down again. I think 3 or 4 times would be good." Very seriously.
I think going now would be good.

Last night, Hunter got a new train in the mail. It was a recall that I sent in and got back with a bonus train in the package. He was loving it, until we had to go to the store. Daddy put the trains back in the house on the way out the door. Hunter really wanted to take them with us, and to make sure they were OK, he kept asking Daddy where his trains were. The conversation went something like this:
"Daddy, did you out my trains in the house?"
"Yes, Hunter."
"Daddy, where are my trains?"
"In the house, you can get them when we get home."
"Daddy, where are my trains?"
Daddy is angry that he asked again here but trying to have some patience:
"In the house Hunter! I think I put them on the table or floor, I'm not sure, but they are in the house, so don't ask me again!"
(Pause from the back seat)
"So Daddy, just where EXACTLY are my trains?" Emphasis on the "exactly" said very seriously and patronizingly.
I thought fireworks where going to explode from Tone's ears and he hollered,
I thought I was going to explode from holding in my snickers.

He has not been wanting to nap. As soon as he hears Ainsley wake up, he thinks he can get up and shoots out of his room, even if he's only been in there 10 minutes. Which was the case today. He pops out the door with his hands on his hips. "Oh Ainsley's awake! Yooooou know what that means! I can get up!"
"You know what that means" was said like a game show host. Oh well. I'll try naps again later.

I thought I'd share some shoe orders that are ready to go. Don't they look cute, like little treat bags? Sweet treats for little feet!

Sep 19, 2008

And then sometimes it's a hit and miss.....

So, I loved Ainley's last dress so much, I decided to make a new one. One for fall. It's not so much the dress that's a miss, that's pretty cute if worn with jeans, it's the pants. I've been doing too much blog hopping on children's designers and the "new" thing in all the boutiques is ruffles on the bottoms of pants. Big, bell bottom type ruffles. So, I thought, hey, I could do that!

Hahaha! I turned a cute dress into a clown outfit. So unless you all post a lot of comments saying you like it, when I get home after this weekend, I will be ripping the ruffles out and turning them into regular cuffs like on the last pair I made. I was trying to be too "couture" and bordered on the ridiculous. But, hey, maybe I'm just not seeing them with the right eye...maybe this is the new style and I'm just not seeing it. Maybe if they weren't so big and ruffley, but a little bit smaller.....or if she wasn't so short and a little peanut.
Comment me. If only to make fun of my hair-brained ideas....
Are you lauging yet?

You surely have to be laughing by now...
There she goes....
Hey Mom, I'm half crazed from trying to walk in these pants you put me in!
Stopping to smell the flowers.

Ok, photo shoot over, we can go in now and change Mommy.
Actually, she walks quite fine in them, as the following video will show. The video was taken for proof against child cruelty. LOL. I thought she was bothered by them at first, but then I realized I had left in a pin (poor baby!). Once I took that out, she never gave them a second look. She must be used to the crazy things I put her in.
Many airplanes were flying by in this photo shoot as you can see.

Sep 16, 2008

Maybe I should get a haircut....

So I washed my hair today and put it up in a messy bun and a scarf. I just didn't want to bother with it. So here are some normal pictures of my hair looking pretty decent and tidy from earlier in the day. Now, my hair is wavy/curly and thicker than anybody's I have ever met (excluding my mother's). Look what happened when I took it out of the bun tonight. Yikes! This is without a comb through it. Think what would have happened had I brushed it! New meaning to the word "afro!"

Pretty tame right? Oh no! Look what was lurking underneath!

So......maybe I should start thinking about getting that haircut. I dunno.


Hunter helped Daddy wash the car yesterday. We had only washed it once this summer, so it was getting to the point where you kinda had to squint your eyes and imagine what color it actually was. Ainsley just observed. I love her red shoes that where given to her and her little "budda" belly that hangs out over her skirt. Gotta love that baby chub right?!

I had to get this video. I heard her chattering for a VERY long time in the other room. After trying for a long time to get me to read her a book, she finally left, and I figured out that she was "reading" it to herself. It was hilarious, because she was getting the inflections all right in her baby babble. She has several of her books memorized and how they sound. I missed most of it, because of course she stopped when I started taking video. Once I went back into the other room, she got another book and I was able to figure out which one it was just by listening to her. It was "Where's Baby's Mommy?" and the pages say things like "is Mommy behind the couch? NO! The ball is behind the couch." I would hear her say, "babble, babble, babble?? Nahhhh! Da bah is ninini NI!" Nothing really made sense expect the, "Nahhhh!" which means no. However, the inflections in the way we read it to her she had down to a T! It was so funny. Last night I had to go to Lowes to pick out wallpaper to put in the back of my bookshelves, and I took Ainsley. I brought her book and wouldn't you know, she sat in the cart "reading" her book for an hour while I looked through wallpaper books. She chattered the whole hour to herself looking at her book upside down and waving/talking to the people who walked by. Priceless. I was so surprised that she was good for so long and occupied.
PS. notice how the race cars are lined up perfectly on the coffee table. This is how my coffee table looks every day (for the past two years - can we say type A?). Hunter carefully lines up his race cars each one in it's own "lane". The runner is in it's usual place: on the floor where Hunter chucks it.

Sep 12, 2008

Zoo mishap

Hey Mom, I'm bored can we go to the zoo?
If this face doesn't make you laugh, you have no sense of humor! I thought he was hilarious, he kept trying to check us out very seriously, but how could the goofy llama see through all that hair?!

Ainsley loved the elephants!
Doing the elephant noise!

These were tame birds! The walked right up to Hunter and Ainsley and even tried to peck his shoes! Ainsley ran from them when they got any closer than this!
If the elephant can suck his trunk, I can suck my thumb!
Demonstrating how to be a tiger.
Pretty cool isn't he?

The day before yesterday was the first day that it felt like Fall was coming. Mid 80's instead of 100's outside! I had good intentions of cleaning the house, but when I went outside at noon, it was so completely pleasant and beautiful out, that I told Hunter we were leaving right then for the zoo. I can be very impulsive at times about going and doing things, so away we went.
This was the first time that Ainsley was really old enough to enjoy it, since we haven't gone this summer. Too hot!

We really did have a fabulous time since only a few families were there and the animals seemed to be out and busy.
Unfortunately I had a little mishap by the tiger cage. I was holding Ainsley and Hunter wanted to be picked up too to see. The tiger was kinda far away and not doing anything. So I scooped him up too and walked around the side to have him see better. They had just sprayed the sidewalk and my sandal hit a crack. Because of the way Hunter's legs were hanging, I couldn't step forward and down I went hard on my knees. My weight plus both kids. Hunter flew back and hit his head but Ainsley was fine. A lady grabbed Ainsley for me while I comforted Hunter and another mom got out neosporin and a bandaid out of her backpack. It took me a while to get up. Hunter was fine. I, however, was smarting. I skinned both knees and my ankle, and my legs were muddy and dripping water. Hunter and Ainsley got a little muddy too. I was so unprepared. As the other mom whipped bandaids, wipes, and neosporin out of her backpack, I was just standing there trying to conjure up some sense of dignity. Which was gone by this point. I didn't even have a scrap of tissue to clean myself up with, while she kept whipping useful things out of her backpack. Being the last minute person that I was, I had no useful things. So I limped around the rest of the day with a really cool bandaid on my knee. However, hanging out at the tiger cage worked out for us, because he started walking back and forth in front of us and I got some great pictures. It's a small zoo, so I kept running into the ladies at the different cages. I think they were trying not to smirk at my dorky limp and big 'ol kiddie bandaid.
I got to pet a shark too! In the sting ray petting area, they added some leopard sharks, and I petted one. It didn't even move, and it felt rough like sandpaper. I expected it to be smooth and slippery like the sting rays (who kept coming up to us). Hunter would not pet them. Neither would Ainsley. She jumped back when they got too close.
I must be getting older. 29 still feels young, but not when you fall down. Not just my knees hurt, but all my joints too and by the time I got home, I collapsed in a chair and couldn't move. I felt so drained, sore, and tired. So much for cleaning the house THAT day. It didn't happen. But it was still a great day. The nice thing about a to-do list....there's always tomorrow!

Sep 8, 2008

Animal sounds

I have no idea why parents think it is important to teach their children animal sounds. Like they really use them and they are so practical for daily living....But because it's so cute, and in the spirit of good parenting, Ainsley is learning her sounds. Here is Ainsley "reading" one of her many animal books. It ends with the rooster, and since it's her favorite, she gets excited and tries to do the rooster ahead of time. We read a million "boo-books" a day since it is her favorite thing to do. You ought to see her throw a fit when I say we are all done reading. You would think that the world was going to end. Tone and I are both sick of reading to her. Something you never thought a parent would say. But there are limits! Stop reading Ainsley and go play with your toys!

Sep 7, 2008

Camping at Hume Lake and Hairbands

Here is Ainsley playing in her room with her kitchen set before church today. So I have been experimenting with my sizzix machine (using it to cut felt flowers) and with a pattern for headbands. It's like my baby scarf pattern only modified for baby headbands. I think they look pretty cute. I have all different colors and types now, but Ainsley is modeling one for you that she wore to church today. We got home from camping yesterday and the house is destroyed with camping stuff all over it, along with all the toys that they got out and were playing with today.

Here is a promised video of Ainsley walking as some of you asked for one. Note the continual mess of laundry and toys as she proceeds down the hallway. Yikes! I have some work to do tomorrow to get this place back into shape. Today, neither Tone nor I felt like tackling it.

Now for some camping photos and commentary. Should you want to see all the photos, go to my Myspace page or Facebook page (but unless you are my mom, I have no idea why you would haha).

We went to Hume Lake to camp with old friends, and none of us had been there since we had been to high school camp there together. Most of us had gone to church camp there, and it was kinda cool seeing old places and memories with us all grown up now. We were standing on the edge of lake by the boat docks and it was weird looking around at all of us with our kids and seeing how different our lives were now and how far we'd come. Quite different from the life some of us thought we would have in high school. Wyatt and Adrienne came with their kids, Josh Ludwig came, his friend Bri, and Mark Bruszer. Josh was leaving the Monday we got back for training and then he's off to China for two years! We'll miss him.
Yeah, this is how we roll with three adults and two kids (Josh rode up with us). It appears we brought everything but the kitchen sink for four days of camping. Camping is tough with kids. Funny little story: We first unrolled our tent that we borrowed from Mom and Tone thought a bunch of poles were missing. We panicked (because we were not sleeping under the stars with two kids), until a couple hours later, Josh went over to look at it and figured out the right configuration and got our tent raised. We were not missing any poles. Ainsley decided to teeth this week two upper molers and so had a runny nose and a cranky attitude the whole time. Snot and dirt don't mix that great. It just added to the overall grime stuck to her. She also decided to howl most of the time unless I was holding her. So guess who else was very dirty? She was most unpleasant really. And guess what? In spite of it all, we had a really great time! We rode our bikes, swam in the lake, got icecream at the general store, hiked up the river to climb rocks, played card games, roasted smores, and overall laughed a lot!

We brought two bikes and Hunter and Gunner basically rode the whole time on them around our campground.

Playing in the water. It was freezing, but none of our kids were afraid of it and went right in!
The girls digging in the sand by the cove. The boys (meaning the men) had fun playing frisbee and trying to conquer the floating log. I couldn't believe that log was still there. Just like old times. The big excitement was Tone stepping on a bee and getting stung on the toe.
Hunter in his nerdy swim outfit.

Swimming in the lake really conked Ainsley out!

Doesn't he look like a little model? So typical boy. Grubby, shirtless, and on his bike in the dirt.

I laugh every time I see this picture of Ainsley trying so hard to get on Hunter's bike. After many diferent attempts, she did manage to get on it by herself. Then she howled to be pushed around.

My little dirt baby. You couldn't get much grubbier than Ainsley. She constantly fell in the dirt and sat in it the whole time.
They were quite content to sit side by side and eat together. They were mildly interested in each other the whole time. Ainsley kept calling Piper, "baby" even though Piper is bigger and a better walker by far!
The boys roasting smores together.
This is as close as the girls got to a fire. This is the cold, unused fire pit, but still fascinating.
This pretty much sums up Sissy's attitude for the trip. Yep, she was super fun!