Sep 19, 2008

And then sometimes it's a hit and miss.....

So, I loved Ainley's last dress so much, I decided to make a new one. One for fall. It's not so much the dress that's a miss, that's pretty cute if worn with jeans, it's the pants. I've been doing too much blog hopping on children's designers and the "new" thing in all the boutiques is ruffles on the bottoms of pants. Big, bell bottom type ruffles. So, I thought, hey, I could do that!

Hahaha! I turned a cute dress into a clown outfit. So unless you all post a lot of comments saying you like it, when I get home after this weekend, I will be ripping the ruffles out and turning them into regular cuffs like on the last pair I made. I was trying to be too "couture" and bordered on the ridiculous. But, hey, maybe I'm just not seeing them with the right eye...maybe this is the new style and I'm just not seeing it. Maybe if they weren't so big and ruffley, but a little bit smaller.....or if she wasn't so short and a little peanut.
Comment me. If only to make fun of my hair-brained ideas....
Are you lauging yet?

You surely have to be laughing by now...
There she goes....
Hey Mom, I'm half crazed from trying to walk in these pants you put me in!
Stopping to smell the flowers.

Ok, photo shoot over, we can go in now and change Mommy.
Actually, she walks quite fine in them, as the following video will show. The video was taken for proof against child cruelty. LOL. I thought she was bothered by them at first, but then I realized I had left in a pin (poor baby!). Once I took that out, she never gave them a second look. She must be used to the crazy things I put her in.
Many airplanes were flying by in this photo shoot as you can see.


  1. OK, so I am totally laughing...and also thinking, "Man, if that's the new style, count me out for this season of fashion." Wow! :)

  2. I was doing pretty good until the "There she goes..." picture - then I just lost it! :P A little too poofy in the wrong place - just looks awkward. But the dress is adorable - and those extra pieces of shoulder strap look like they make fun toys! :)