Sep 7, 2008

Camping at Hume Lake and Hairbands

Here is Ainsley playing in her room with her kitchen set before church today. So I have been experimenting with my sizzix machine (using it to cut felt flowers) and with a pattern for headbands. It's like my baby scarf pattern only modified for baby headbands. I think they look pretty cute. I have all different colors and types now, but Ainsley is modeling one for you that she wore to church today. We got home from camping yesterday and the house is destroyed with camping stuff all over it, along with all the toys that they got out and were playing with today.

Here is a promised video of Ainsley walking as some of you asked for one. Note the continual mess of laundry and toys as she proceeds down the hallway. Yikes! I have some work to do tomorrow to get this place back into shape. Today, neither Tone nor I felt like tackling it.

Now for some camping photos and commentary. Should you want to see all the photos, go to my Myspace page or Facebook page (but unless you are my mom, I have no idea why you would haha).

We went to Hume Lake to camp with old friends, and none of us had been there since we had been to high school camp there together. Most of us had gone to church camp there, and it was kinda cool seeing old places and memories with us all grown up now. We were standing on the edge of lake by the boat docks and it was weird looking around at all of us with our kids and seeing how different our lives were now and how far we'd come. Quite different from the life some of us thought we would have in high school. Wyatt and Adrienne came with their kids, Josh Ludwig came, his friend Bri, and Mark Bruszer. Josh was leaving the Monday we got back for training and then he's off to China for two years! We'll miss him.
Yeah, this is how we roll with three adults and two kids (Josh rode up with us). It appears we brought everything but the kitchen sink for four days of camping. Camping is tough with kids. Funny little story: We first unrolled our tent that we borrowed from Mom and Tone thought a bunch of poles were missing. We panicked (because we were not sleeping under the stars with two kids), until a couple hours later, Josh went over to look at it and figured out the right configuration and got our tent raised. We were not missing any poles. Ainsley decided to teeth this week two upper molers and so had a runny nose and a cranky attitude the whole time. Snot and dirt don't mix that great. It just added to the overall grime stuck to her. She also decided to howl most of the time unless I was holding her. So guess who else was very dirty? She was most unpleasant really. And guess what? In spite of it all, we had a really great time! We rode our bikes, swam in the lake, got icecream at the general store, hiked up the river to climb rocks, played card games, roasted smores, and overall laughed a lot!

We brought two bikes and Hunter and Gunner basically rode the whole time on them around our campground.

Playing in the water. It was freezing, but none of our kids were afraid of it and went right in!
The girls digging in the sand by the cove. The boys (meaning the men) had fun playing frisbee and trying to conquer the floating log. I couldn't believe that log was still there. Just like old times. The big excitement was Tone stepping on a bee and getting stung on the toe.
Hunter in his nerdy swim outfit.

Swimming in the lake really conked Ainsley out!

Doesn't he look like a little model? So typical boy. Grubby, shirtless, and on his bike in the dirt.

I laugh every time I see this picture of Ainsley trying so hard to get on Hunter's bike. After many diferent attempts, she did manage to get on it by herself. Then she howled to be pushed around.

My little dirt baby. You couldn't get much grubbier than Ainsley. She constantly fell in the dirt and sat in it the whole time.
They were quite content to sit side by side and eat together. They were mildly interested in each other the whole time. Ainsley kept calling Piper, "baby" even though Piper is bigger and a better walker by far!
The boys roasting smores together.
This is as close as the girls got to a fire. This is the cold, unused fire pit, but still fascinating.
This pretty much sums up Sissy's attitude for the trip. Yep, she was super fun!

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