Sep 30, 2008

A Delighful Thought

I love how children think. Hunter had a delightful thought today. He said,
"Mommy, the sun must love everybody, so that's why he follows everybody around. And the moon does too!"

Other delightful things: Fall is coming! It is supposed to rain here on Saturday which will be the first in about 4 months! You wouldn't know it by today because it was in the 90's still.
However, because it will be October, I decorated my mantle with Halloween in mind. But I don't like the color orange, so this is how I improvised:

Ha. I am still trying to figure out what color to paint the wall around the mantle and therefore have various paint samples hanging on my plates so I can watch the color change throughout the day.
Inside it says "BOO" taped on kabob sticks in nests of Spanish moss.
Crows are just mysterious aren't they? And I found them at the Dollar Store. I saw the same crow at the crafts store for $10!
Old mystery books just add the right touch.

I also have been busy sewing this week. My best week so far! This little shoe I just had to take a picture of because they were cutom made for preemie sized feet. They look like doll shoes and are still a bit big. They are just the cutest thing! It reminds me how precious life is.

This Sunday was our first week at the new church campus. Next week is the official opening, but they had a regular service to practice run-throughs. There were still about 80 people. We are excited to be part of a church plant just a couple minutes from our house. It's desperately needed on this side of town. Ainsley is all dolled up and ready to go. She is wearing the same shoe style as the one above, and I think one could fit inside the other. How fast they grow in a year!

On the front porch with little Miss Muffet. I was excited. This was a 12 month size dress. She's fifteen months, but still, it's closer to the right size!
We went to the zoo this week again with Daddy. Here they are pretending to swim like a turtle. I felt really bad, because we left after Ainsley's nap and she felt really hot and lethargic the whole time. It was hot out, so I just kept giving her water and thought that she must be having trouble cooling down. Turns out, she had the flu and had a fever the whole day and next. Poor baby. My first clue should have been when she didn't want to eat everything on her tray before we left. But no, she had to get dragged around the zoo in the heat. But since she was happy that morning, I really didn't have a clue.

I have been begging Hunter to sind this song that he made up while we were camping for the camera. It's awesome, but not so awesome this time because he is singing reluctantly. He sings to himself his madeup stuff ALL the time, but this one in particular is a gem. The words, which he made up with no prompting are "Rock and Roll through the forest to the campfire! Doot, doo, doo dee doo."

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