Sep 26, 2008

It's possible there's a little too much "boy" at our house....

It's possible that there is a little too much "boy" going on at our house. I shall explain. Yesterday I took Ainsley and Hunter to McDonalds. Since Sissy can now eat her own happy meal, it was the first time I bought two. Ainsley wolfed all of her's down, and Hunter could barely choke down two nuggets (but I digress, while this could be a fascinating discussion on how Ainsley eats like a pig and keeps her tiny figure, this is not the point of this blog). Hunter got a boy toy and Ainsley got a girl toy. Her's just happened to be a little doll from the Wizard of Oz. She really didn't want it, and was more interested in Hunter's car that shoots, but when she finally got down to play (it took her a while, she was focused on her food), she picked it up. I showed her how it worked. You lay it down and it closes it's eyes and when you pick it up, it opens know the type. She looked at me blankly. Then she immediately scrubbed it across the ground making "Vrrrroooom" car noises. It's possible Hunter's having a slight impact on her play.

Then the neighbor girl, Emma, who is Hunter's age, came over to play. They play quite differently at the respective houses. At our house it's cars and blocks. At Emma's house it's tea parties. Anyhow, they went outside to play, and when Hunter came in, I overheard him say,
"Eww, Emma, I stink! Don't you want to smell me?"
Poor Emma. Why they adore each other and want to play everyday is beyond me.

Hunter has been counting everyday in my hopes that he will be able to count to 20 soon. So far, he skips some "teens". Ainsley loves it. She points too, and goes, "uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, AHHH!" Hunter always says the last number really loud, and since Ainsley has no idea what we are doing, she just randomly stabs her finger at the air and says "uh, uh, uh, uh" with a big excited yell at the end.

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