Sep 16, 2008

Maybe I should get a haircut....

So I washed my hair today and put it up in a messy bun and a scarf. I just didn't want to bother with it. So here are some normal pictures of my hair looking pretty decent and tidy from earlier in the day. Now, my hair is wavy/curly and thicker than anybody's I have ever met (excluding my mother's). Look what happened when I took it out of the bun tonight. Yikes! This is without a comb through it. Think what would have happened had I brushed it! New meaning to the word "afro!"

Pretty tame right? Oh no! Look what was lurking underneath!

So......maybe I should start thinking about getting that haircut. I dunno.


Hunter helped Daddy wash the car yesterday. We had only washed it once this summer, so it was getting to the point where you kinda had to squint your eyes and imagine what color it actually was. Ainsley just observed. I love her red shoes that where given to her and her little "budda" belly that hangs out over her skirt. Gotta love that baby chub right?!

I had to get this video. I heard her chattering for a VERY long time in the other room. After trying for a long time to get me to read her a book, she finally left, and I figured out that she was "reading" it to herself. It was hilarious, because she was getting the inflections all right in her baby babble. She has several of her books memorized and how they sound. I missed most of it, because of course she stopped when I started taking video. Once I went back into the other room, she got another book and I was able to figure out which one it was just by listening to her. It was "Where's Baby's Mommy?" and the pages say things like "is Mommy behind the couch? NO! The ball is behind the couch." I would hear her say, "babble, babble, babble?? Nahhhh! Da bah is ninini NI!" Nothing really made sense expect the, "Nahhhh!" which means no. However, the inflections in the way we read it to her she had down to a T! It was so funny. Last night I had to go to Lowes to pick out wallpaper to put in the back of my bookshelves, and I took Ainsley. I brought her book and wouldn't you know, she sat in the cart "reading" her book for an hour while I looked through wallpaper books. She chattered the whole hour to herself looking at her book upside down and waving/talking to the people who walked by. Priceless. I was so surprised that she was good for so long and occupied.
PS. notice how the race cars are lined up perfectly on the coffee table. This is how my coffee table looks every day (for the past two years - can we say type A?). Hunter carefully lines up his race cars each one in it's own "lane". The runner is in it's usual place: on the floor where Hunter chucks it.

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  1. Don't cut your hair until you try my straightening iron I'm going to bring you this weekend. I swear it will fix that in a second. It gets super hot.