Sep 27, 2008

Mr. Potato Head goes to tea

So I suppose if you read my last blog, you realize that we have an "all boy" problem at our house. I felt I must blog before I went to bed how I am remedying that. Today we were playing with Mr. Sweet Potato Head (as Hunter likes to call him, and I admit he's a little orangey) or just Tato Head, and we decided he needed a snack. So we went into Ainsley's room and set out food on the little table, and had a great time. I made Mr. Tato head say many funny things and apparently he doesn't like vegetables, so Hunter had to put him in time out. Lest you think this was a prim and proper tea party, let me clear that up. The great joke was that Mr. Tato Head could store food and body parts in his bottom for later (you know how his backside opens up for storage?). So, I had to stear Hunter clear of verging on gross inappropriateness.

Anyhow, Hunter was dismayed that we didn't have any cupcakes or cakes to offer Mr. Tato head when he got off time out. We only had ice cream and cookies and donuts and chocolate play food. So in order to help Mr. Tato Head keep his rather round figure, I whipped up some felt cakes while Hunter was sleeping tonight. They verge on the very ammateur, I think maybe I might recognize that for food variety, but Hey! Hunter will like it. We always snuggle and talk when Hunter goes to bed and he told me his favorite part of the day was when we played with Mr. Sweet Potato Head, and "we MUST do this again in the morning, Mommy!" I love how English proper he can sound sometimes.

I left Tato Head for Hunter to find at his seat when he wakes up in the morning. The cake is supposed to have four pieces. I am not out of ideas for cakes, but out of energy and bed is calling me. The other two pieces of cake will have to be baked another day. I can't wait to see his face in the morning when he sees this at his breakfast spot.

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  1. Hunter's reply was "Hey, what's going on here?!" with a big grin on his face.
    He loves the cakes, but they have become more of a beanbag toy than play food.