Sep 24, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes.....

My friends and I at Sarah's wedding. It was really lovely and sweet.

We went to a wedding this weekend in Salinas, and Auntie Katie babysat during the wedding. Hunter had a great time using up all the phrases he has heard me say a million times to him, but he knows better than to use any of them back. However, Auntie Katie was fair game apparently and it was a prime opportunity to assert his verbal skills. Luckily, Auntie Katie is a spit-fire and puts up with none of it. Later though, she had a good chuckle telling us all about it.
Here is a sampling:

He asked Katie for a banana. I never cut his up, but he told Auntie Katie that I do. He told her very seriously leaning on the rocker like a big boy,
"That's how she always does it, it never changes, so keep it that way!"
He must have really wanted them cut.

Katie asked if she could have part of his banana. He said no, she couldn't have half (so generous of him). So when he wasn't looking, she snuck a bite. He noticed, and Katie said "no I didn't." To which he replied, "Yes you did eat half, you ate the pointy piece!" Well, one bite isn't quite half, but if Katie wanted to go unnoticed, she should've eaten a piece out of the middle.

I brought in Ainsley's sippy cup and Hunter is big enough to drink from a regular cup now. However, he told Katie that the sippy cup on the table was his.
"That's MY sippy cup!" and wouldn't share. Liar. He knew, he just knew that Katie didn't.

She read him a book we have, "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." He got her to read it by guilt tripping her.
"But Auntie Katie! I've NEVER seen this book before!"
Lied again. It happens to be a favorite at our house.

At one point he told her when she asked him if he wanted to do something,
"I already said no, don't ask me again!"
This is a phrase that I use on him a lot, but he doesn't have the guts to use back to me. Katie was fair game.

She took the kids to the park around the corner. When it was time to go, she told him one more time down the slide. You know, standard procedure, and then we always go.
Oh no. Since Katie is new, he thought he'd try something that he knows better with me.
He told her when he got down:
"I need to go down again. I think 3 or 4 times would be good." Very seriously.
I think going now would be good.

Last night, Hunter got a new train in the mail. It was a recall that I sent in and got back with a bonus train in the package. He was loving it, until we had to go to the store. Daddy put the trains back in the house on the way out the door. Hunter really wanted to take them with us, and to make sure they were OK, he kept asking Daddy where his trains were. The conversation went something like this:
"Daddy, did you out my trains in the house?"
"Yes, Hunter."
"Daddy, where are my trains?"
"In the house, you can get them when we get home."
"Daddy, where are my trains?"
Daddy is angry that he asked again here but trying to have some patience:
"In the house Hunter! I think I put them on the table or floor, I'm not sure, but they are in the house, so don't ask me again!"
(Pause from the back seat)
"So Daddy, just where EXACTLY are my trains?" Emphasis on the "exactly" said very seriously and patronizingly.
I thought fireworks where going to explode from Tone's ears and he hollered,
I thought I was going to explode from holding in my snickers.

He has not been wanting to nap. As soon as he hears Ainsley wake up, he thinks he can get up and shoots out of his room, even if he's only been in there 10 minutes. Which was the case today. He pops out the door with his hands on his hips. "Oh Ainsley's awake! Yooooou know what that means! I can get up!"
"You know what that means" was said like a game show host. Oh well. I'll try naps again later.

I thought I'd share some shoe orders that are ready to go. Don't they look cute, like little treat bags? Sweet treats for little feet!

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