Sep 12, 2008

Zoo mishap

Hey Mom, I'm bored can we go to the zoo?
If this face doesn't make you laugh, you have no sense of humor! I thought he was hilarious, he kept trying to check us out very seriously, but how could the goofy llama see through all that hair?!

Ainsley loved the elephants!
Doing the elephant noise!

These were tame birds! The walked right up to Hunter and Ainsley and even tried to peck his shoes! Ainsley ran from them when they got any closer than this!
If the elephant can suck his trunk, I can suck my thumb!
Demonstrating how to be a tiger.
Pretty cool isn't he?

The day before yesterday was the first day that it felt like Fall was coming. Mid 80's instead of 100's outside! I had good intentions of cleaning the house, but when I went outside at noon, it was so completely pleasant and beautiful out, that I told Hunter we were leaving right then for the zoo. I can be very impulsive at times about going and doing things, so away we went.
This was the first time that Ainsley was really old enough to enjoy it, since we haven't gone this summer. Too hot!

We really did have a fabulous time since only a few families were there and the animals seemed to be out and busy.
Unfortunately I had a little mishap by the tiger cage. I was holding Ainsley and Hunter wanted to be picked up too to see. The tiger was kinda far away and not doing anything. So I scooped him up too and walked around the side to have him see better. They had just sprayed the sidewalk and my sandal hit a crack. Because of the way Hunter's legs were hanging, I couldn't step forward and down I went hard on my knees. My weight plus both kids. Hunter flew back and hit his head but Ainsley was fine. A lady grabbed Ainsley for me while I comforted Hunter and another mom got out neosporin and a bandaid out of her backpack. It took me a while to get up. Hunter was fine. I, however, was smarting. I skinned both knees and my ankle, and my legs were muddy and dripping water. Hunter and Ainsley got a little muddy too. I was so unprepared. As the other mom whipped bandaids, wipes, and neosporin out of her backpack, I was just standing there trying to conjure up some sense of dignity. Which was gone by this point. I didn't even have a scrap of tissue to clean myself up with, while she kept whipping useful things out of her backpack. Being the last minute person that I was, I had no useful things. So I limped around the rest of the day with a really cool bandaid on my knee. However, hanging out at the tiger cage worked out for us, because he started walking back and forth in front of us and I got some great pictures. It's a small zoo, so I kept running into the ladies at the different cages. I think they were trying not to smirk at my dorky limp and big 'ol kiddie bandaid.
I got to pet a shark too! In the sting ray petting area, they added some leopard sharks, and I petted one. It didn't even move, and it felt rough like sandpaper. I expected it to be smooth and slippery like the sting rays (who kept coming up to us). Hunter would not pet them. Neither would Ainsley. She jumped back when they got too close.
I must be getting older. 29 still feels young, but not when you fall down. Not just my knees hurt, but all my joints too and by the time I got home, I collapsed in a chair and couldn't move. I felt so drained, sore, and tired. So much for cleaning the house THAT day. It didn't happen. But it was still a great day. The nice thing about a to-do list....there's always tomorrow!

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