Oct 11, 2008

Baby gift

So Tone's aunt and uncle are coming to tomorrow for a brief visit on their way home from a wedding that was by our house. His cousin just had a baby, but since Tone doesn't have his cousin's address (of course not), I thought I would whip this up tonight and give it to his aunt (because grandmas always see their grandkids, and that way I know it will get to them.)

I had these baby shoes already done, but I saw this great idea for a bib that held a pacifier so that if it falls out of it's mouth, it doesn't fall on the ground, and baby can easily find it again. If baby doesn't like pacificers, a light-weight toy can also be fastened to the bib. I made up my own pattern, fused coordinating fabric to felt, and hemmed the edges. Then I added a snap and velcro. Wahlla! Easy-peasy gift.

The back side of the bib showing how the pacifier fastens.

Tonight I also worked up a new pattern for some boy loafers. I can do this in a lot of colors and I was able to make a pair in just 45 minutes. We'll see if people like them and buy them in my store. By the way, the success of last week, was followed by a dismal week this week. Only three pairs of shoes sold. Oh well.

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