Oct 31, 2008

Happy Dress-Up Day!

I got one! I got one! A decent picture with BOTH of them looking at me and smiling!!!! Granted their arms aren't around each other or anything, but do you know how golden this picture is????AMAZING! I've been trying for months. Hunter cooperates now, but Ainsley doesn't and then when she finally looks, he's bored and looking somewhere else.

His "AAARGH!" pirate face.
We went to the convalescent home in the morning to show the patients their costumes. They were a hit with the patients and nurses and the kids did quite well. Hunter was shy but nice, and Ainsley waved and said "hi" to all of them. The we went trick or treating around the block with the neighbors. The second house had a dog, a very nice dog, but since Hunter is afraid of dogs, he wouldn't go up to any more doors, so that was the end of it for him. But he said he "loved trick or treating Mommy!" and didn't want to go home either. I felt kinda lame though going up to the door as an adult and saying, "oh yeah, my kid's back there...." Needless to say, we home after a couple more houses. Then we went to the church's carnival in their gym. I had a hard time getting Hunter out of the bounce house to try any games. We basically hung out there all night with a brief break to watch and climb inside of the fire engine that came (he didn't want to get out of that). My Aunt painted Hunter's face with a rocket ship. He is currently in bed afraid to roll over in case it might rub off on the pillow.

What did Ainsley do at the carnival? Dance to the kiddie band, twirl in circles, and basically charm everyone who came by her by saying "hi" and doing her miss america wave. She also liked the bounce house and had no fear with the bigger preschool kids in there. Oh yeah, and eat. Shocker I know......(when does that girl ever NOT eat????) This is Ainsley perfectly entertained with some smarties candy while Hunter got his face painted. The fact that she had to work to get each piece out of the roll made it that much more interesting to her.

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