Oct 18, 2008

Hunter's Birthday Cake

Hunter's birthday is tomorrow. As I write this, I still have to hang streamers so he sees them when he gets up in the morning and it's already 11:00 pm. Yikes! So far, I got half the house cleaned today, a birthday cake baked and created, presents wrapped, grocery shopping done for birthday dinner, and some home business done as well. Whew! What a day.
I would just like to post some pictures here of the cake. I believe last year's was much better, but Tone has been gone for the last three days and has not been here to help me with it. Hunter wanted a train cake with his trains on a track. He was very specific. He just assumed I could create whatever it was he wanted. His confidence in my skills is greater than mine. I am getting better though. I will post here my other cake creations so you can see that I'm getting better. When we were growing up, the tradition was that we got to pick what kind of birthday cake we wanted and then my mom would create it. She had a cute little book that we could pick from. I am trying to continue the tradition, and so far, Hunter LOVES thinking about his special cake each year.
He is so excited about tomorrow!
I guess we'll find out if it tastes good. It's basically just chocolate cake and colored frosting. The bridge is pieces of cake too.
Hmmm, I'm thinking I'd better not go professional with this anytime soon.
Close-up of my bridge.

This is what my kitchen looked like after I was all done. What a disaster!
A half hour of cleanup and (whew) we are half-way back to normal!

When Hunter gets excited, he stutters. It's cute because he has so many words, he can't get them out fast enough. He must be pretty excited about this cake because he is having a tough time describing it.

My Cake History: I feel as if some of this could be embarrassing...

Ainsley's first birthday cake 6/08. Not bad considering this was made on the fly in someone else's kitchen.

Hunter's third birthday cake 10/07. This one just happens to be my personal favorite. It was tasty too.

Hunter's second birthday train cake 10/06. Yikes!
The Yellow lighting is making this cake look even scarier than it was. This cake is scary looking.

Hunter's first birthday cake 10/05.
Cute, but I had this leftover piece and thought I'd make grass. What was I thinking?!


  1. I am continually impressed by your creativity! I love the cakes and could never do anything even remotely close. This was confirmed this week when for the first time ever, I cooked dinner for my parents. All was well until I left a burner on the stove on. Then set a glass casserole dish on. It shattered. Not good.

  2. So cool! Your cake skills are great! I just acknowledge that I'm not a creative genius and set my sights A LOT lower, and I'm pretty happy with the results of my cakes. :) They're pretty basic, but still taste good!