Oct 29, 2008

Pumpkin extravaganza

Today was pumpkin day. We went to the pumpkin patch this morning to pick out a pumpkin, and then Katie and Brad came over to carve our pumpkins. Lots of fun!
Sissy was not so enamored with the pumpkin patch. She kept saying her new favorite word when ever I tried to show her one and ran in the other direction. (her new word by the way is "noooooo!" with overly exaggerated puckered lips and it rhymes with "moo" like a cow). She finally got excited when I pulled her around in the wagon and she got to throw hay over the side.
Hunter is fairly bored with the wagon since I told him the little pumpkins were not balls and should not be thrown around like balls. Do pumpkins get bruised like fruit? I sure hope not!

Finally happy.

Checking one out, but as soon as she noticed that I was interested in taking her picture, it was "noooooooooo" and a run in the other direction.

As good as it got with them together. Typical.

Attempting to lift it.

Hunter posing for the camera on a "cute little white one Mommy."

Carving pumpkins. Hunter wanted a T-Rex. Unfortunately this was not one of the stencils in the book. I had to create the design and I finally found a simple stencil online. He did not want to touch the inside. He would reach in a carefully take out one seed at a time so that the "goop" did not get on him. I pretty much did his pumpkin.

Looking scary like a T-Rex (or so he says).

In it's place of honor on the front porch.
Mine, Brad's and Katie's. I have a bird in front of a full moon, Brad has a face with free-style flames, and Katie has an anorexic cat. Of course Katie has a cat. She is the ultimate cat lady. I wouldn'tbe surprised if she bought that particular stencil book just because there was a cat in it.


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