Oct 4, 2008

Rainy day!

Yay! We had our first rain of the fall this morning. It poured, but then the rest of the day was nice and pleasant. I even chatted with the neighbor for an hour or more while our kids played in the yard. The rain made my Mexican Sage plants a bit flat, and my climbing roses needed to be held back better, but overall, I think my yard benefited from the rain. The plants were all dusty since they never get water on top (we have a drip system for everything).

Hunter and Daddy made a robot costume today out of a box. Here are some picture of Hunter in it. He really liked it. It's not as if we don't have enough boxes around with so many items coming and going from this house everyday.

Speaking of which, we are finally on the side of making money out of our online stores. I had over $200 in sales just this week! Yippee! Tone's business is going well too. So far this last week, we are meeting the financial goals we had set for them. Which means if this keeps up, I will make more than I would subbing! Oh yeah! I can be at home ALL the time. I have also perfected and streamlined the making of my shoes, so that I can make them a lot faster now. Today I made four pairs and a couple hair clips.

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