Oct 30, 2008

Sissy as a little purple fairy

I finally finished Ainsley's costume last night and Ainsley modeled today. She's a little purple garden fairy. I'm tired of pink, so I thought that she could be a purple fairy. I thought that she would hate the wings, but she loves them and gets mad when I try to take them off. She prances around in this costume and really enjoys wearing it. I had a little photo shoot of her in it in the yard and thought I'd share my pictures with you. Hunter is a pirate, but I only have one picture of him in it before he stripped down to regular clothes. He is not so into wearing it like sissy is, though he likes the concept of being a pirate. I did not want a green tinkerbell costume either to go with the pirate theme but maybe this is Tinkerbell's sister?

The back I purposely left open so that it could grow a bit with her and be easy on later for dress up. She can wear this for quite a few years as a skirt for dressing up. The straps over the shoulders also turn into a sash.

Hoping I will put her on the swing. I had to take the wings off though and she wasn't happy about that. No, I did not make Hunter's costume. All I made were the felt shoes because that was the only thing I couldn't find cheap.

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