Oct 12, 2008

Thank you Mamaw!

My Mamaw (who has been gone since I was in Jr. High), was an avid sewer. When I was in high school, I learned how to sew, and being money-strapped, I made a lot of my own clothes. My Papaw let me raid her sewing room and take the material that I wanted. I have several boxes of materials from her, and now I am getting back into sewing. I have rediscovered her assortment of vintage material, and it sure is fun! Tonight I didn't feel like sewing any more baby shoes (even though I have a pair only half done), and thought that I would sew something practical for myself.

I came up with this using her old material and vintage button out of her button box. It's for my purse. I am always finding that I wish I had paper to write a list on, doodle on, or put information on while I am out and about. So I made this little organizer.

Also, I saw this great idea for "mommy cards." They have your name, kid's name and personal information on it. I have had so many people lately ask for my information while I am at play dates, etc, and I am scrounging around for a pencil and a scrap of something to write on. This last time all I had was some paper torn off the side of a happy meal bag from Hunter's fast food lunch! How sad is that! So I made up little business cards that had all of the info on it. I sewed a pocket for them into this organzier so it's one less thing I have to write down. Just whip out a card! Of course, I can't show you the whole card here since this is a public blog, but it's peaking out to show you how it fits nicely in the pocket. I'm not sure yet what to put in the other pocket, but I think a little pocket calendar might work quite nicely.

Thank you Mamaw! I think she would get joy out of knowing how much I love sewing. She used to sew for me when I was little (before she got too sick), and I think she would be happy knowing that her collection of fabric is still being loved and put to use.

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