Nov 22, 2008


I can't tell you how proud I am today of my community and church!
I have written on here before how I wanted to start visiting a convalescent home in our community once a month, and so I contacted a small home, and have been taking my kids there. I also asked if others in our church could visit with me since it's a block away and in the community. What I love about our church is that they are very community service oriented. So, my little idea really blossomed! Today over 70 people turned out for a work day to paint all the trim on the home, and do yardwork (weed, prune, plant, spread bark, etc.) We transformed the place and the people who owned this little home were just in awe and said that they really needed something like this. They have been so discouraged lately I guess. The state has not paid them for four months and they are behind, and the place has been getting worn down. The kids painted bright pictures for the walls in Sunday School, and several people are interested in visiting on a regular basis. We want to keep helping them out. We also work in the local elementary school a block away (mentoring, Saturday sports, etc.). Our church is right next to a Christian college (Fresno Pacific), and today the whole guys soccer team showed up for a couple hours and helped paint and weed! Amazing! Like I said, I am so proud of my community and group of people coming together. It was a great day working side by side with others and doing something good for the community. I brought the kids and they ran around alternately helping me weed and looking at large beetles on the tree. Hunter even tried helping Daddy up on the ladder paint trim. A lovely, lovely day! The energy and excitement was contagious!

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