Nov 13, 2008

Snow Days

Our good friends, Tommy and Heather called us and wanted to spend Veteran's Day and weekend at our house, and then go up to a favorite stomping ground, Hume Lake (a little more than an hour's drive from our house). It was cold, but we stayed in the very nice new lodge that they built and we enjoyed hanging out with friends, and their new baby, Maddy.
Here's Hunter on the way. We got a kick out of the way he wore his hat with his sunglasses.
Ainsley just looking cute outside the lodge. On the way home, we found a jeep trail on top of the mountain overlooking Hume Lake. Hunter was dying to see snow, so we took it to the top of the mountain and looked down over the lake. Hunter had a great time in the few inches that there was up there.
His favorite game was pelting Mommy with snowballs. It wasn't mine.
Snowball fight! Hunter told Daddy to hold still so that he could hit him. I think he is missing the whole point.
Daddy and the kids built a snowman. It wasn't that cold up there, so gloves were optional.

Of course our eating champ had to tasted the snow, and then she decided it was pretty good and kept getting chunks to suck on.
Family shot overlooking the lake down below.

Another shot with the mountains behind us. I wish I had known that the camera pic quality was put on low for etsy pictures. Therefore, this picture isn't that great zoomed in. Bummer.

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