Nov 20, 2007

Why, Why, Why?!!!

Obviously Hunter didn't get the idea yesterday. Today, was much worse. Hunter came into my room this morning and I heard Ainsley crying in her crib. He asked if he could say "HI" to her (which I like because he entertains her for a few minutes in the morning). A couple of minutes later, I heard her screaming. I ran in there and found Hunter SITTING in the crib talking happily to her. I think he just scared her getting in. She was fine. I noticed a black streak under his eye.
"Hunter, what is that on your face, that black stuff?" I asked.
"Your stamps Mommy!" I freaked out and ran to the office where I had been scrapbooking the night before. He found my tub of stamps (which had been pushed way back on the desk) and in there was a single black stamp pad about an inch square. Brand new, full of ink. He took it apart and got the sponge out and had a field day. He got handprints on my white chair, all over my other scrapbooking stuff, the floor, and then proceeded to stamp my floor. Neat perfect little squares again. ON THE CARPET! He then stamped his cars, and when that was done, walked all over the house putting handprints on things. He got into the stickers on the counter for going potty and put handprints down the counter. All over his stool (so he could reach the stickers), and on the doorjams to Ainsley's room. I lost it a little bit and marched to his room, spanked him (don't turn me in, it wasn't that hard, just enough to sting a bit), and told him that since he stamped his cars, they were now mine for a long time. Hunter eat, sleeps, and breathes cars, so this was a big deal to him. Again, guess who is staying in his room for the morning? Someday I will break through that will of his. I am more stubborn than he is.
I am selling a cute, devious, 3-year-old boy for cheap. Any takers? No? Oh well, maybe Ainsley will turn out easier.
PS. It was luckily washable ink so it came right up, and Tone says that the paint on the patio wears off fairly quickly. Hunter is systematically destroying my new house. By the way, he never did any of this stuff when we lived in a rental.

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