Dec 23, 2008

The first of our Three Christmases

Yes, count them: Three. The first was yesterday with my family: Mom, Dad, and Krista. Then Christmas Eve, we wake up and have our own little Christmas day. Then on Christmas Day, we spend the whole lovely day flying standby to Missouri to spend a week or so with Tone's family. Could we be more spoiled????? I just hate the fact I have to spend ALL of Christmas Day flying.
So here is the first one:

I don't know, but I think Hunter's a bit excited. It was Sissy's nap time, so she wasn't so much.

Checking out the little things that were put in their stockings.
Sissy unwraps a doll. All of a sudden, she's interested in the "beebee."

As soon as Grandad gets it out, she starts kissing it.

Unwrapping a book. How well they know her. Books and babies. Her favorites.
Hunter got a big Lincoln Log set, so he was pretty much set for the next two days. That's all he did was build houses.

Auntie Krista and Ainsley:

Here's a couple of things that I just sewed for my shop, and I thought Ainsley was particularly cute in this picture. I made the hat and leggings. She looks angelic. Don't let it fool you......


  1. Cute shoes on your little one ;) One would think, daughter of shoe-maker, my girl would be dressed to the 9's. Oh, no. My little one was shoeless in her red Christmas dress on Christmas Eve, and wore purple on Christmas day b/c they were the only shoes that still fit her. Poor girl. Merry Christmas!