Dec 11, 2008

Making Sugar Cookies

Hunter wanted to make sugar cookies because he saw them in a book. So he begged and begged for them all day. Then he came down with the flu and looked like this right when I was making them. The poor guy tried but ended up putting his head on the counter and spent the rest of the next two days on the couch with his barf pan. I wouldn't let him even touch anything cookish then. Since he never touched the dough or cookies, I think my cookies are somewhat sick-germ safe. Plus, they get cooked in an oven anyways.

So with Hunter out of the way, Sissy got to help, which she thoroughly enjoyed. It had to do with food you know. Sissy's very favorite thing. (By the way, we won't be giving any of these away. Between Hunter's sick germs in the house, and Ainsley's sampling, they are for family only. Oh gee darn. What ARE we going to do with 4 dozen cookies, haha?)
She sat on a tall stool and watched me. She sampled every step, and even got to lick a beater!

This is just the best Mommy!

Then she thought she would help me eat the dough while I was trying to roll it out. If I didn't watch her, she reached over every two seconds and took pieces to eat.

I think I'll just take a little sample of these scraps Mommy!
Occasionally, she would remember that we were here to actually make cookies and she would attempt to help out. She is grunting and pushing down as hard as she can on this cookie cutter. Notice, only the top ear of this bear is even hitting any dough.
But Daddy gave her a high five for good effort anyways. I say give her a high five for resisting eating the dough for a few seconds.
What? Do I have a little flour on me?
All done! We did it!
Hopefully, Hunter will feel better tomorrow, and we can move on to the next step: frosting them! It's such a good recipe though, they almost don't need it.


  1. What precious pictures! I loved every step! I'm glad Hunter is better now - those pictures were just pitiful. Georganne and I baked a LOT of cookies today - we have a big supply - spritzes, Mexican wedding cakes, and the recipe you gave me - yummy! Rick and I are going to do 3 or 4 more kinds though.

  2. This is mom - I must be on Krista's account - the previous comment was mine.