Dec 7, 2008

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...

.....I hope you don't die on meeeee......

That's how I think the song should be sung. The line "your leaves are so unchanging" is so not true after just a week at our house. I swear, I really do water it religiously, and we go to places that advertise "the freshest!" Whatever. After a couple weeks, the tree always looks sick, sad, droopy, and dry. Just walking past it will manage to clunk a few ornaments off those droopy branches in couple weeks. Especially as precariously as Hunter hung most of his. We had to convince him that ornaments do not have "friends" and that they do not need to be grouped together on the same branch so they don't get lonely. My husband and siblings do not possibly understand how I could EVEN consider buying a fake one on the after Christmas sales this year. Fake trees don't smell. But when I was still finding pine needles in July.....
They sell really good pine candles now. I'm just going to point that out.
Waiting for Daddy to hook up to trailer.
Flexing to "so BIIIG!" I could lift that tree all by myself, Mommy, I bet!
At least somebody's excited. FYI: I did NOT pick Hunter's outfit. I dressed Sissy in red, and Hunter decided he needed red on too. He is on a dressing-myself kick, and so this is what he came up with. The pants were good apparently because they had a red stripe. Ok well, he hasn't been the cutest lately, but I'm just rolling with it. This isn't bad, it's just not great.
Looking for the perfect tree (i.e. bigger than last year, no holes, perfect symetry)

I like this one Daddy! (We didn't get it)

Just how did he manage to get me out of my nice jacket? Oh yes, he left his in the car because he refused to put it on saying he wasn't cold. Five minutes outside, he's whining and begging for a jacket. My mommy IQ must have been pretty low to allow that one.
They had an old caboose there that Hunter said he NEEDED a picture with. So here it is.
I apologize for too dark or bright photos. Flash or no flash? That is the question. Uh, really bright TV that was playing Christmas music in the background. I was shocked...Tone actually turned it on....instead of sports!
She kept trying to take them off to study them.
The fragile car ornament I found her running along the bathroom floor going "vroom, vroom!"
Hunter is in the process of hanging every single bulb we own on that one spot. I'd move the chair and he'd move it back. "They need friends, Mommy!"
The angel on the top, and done.

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  1. I must say I loved putting up our fake tree yesterday and the pine candle does it for me!!! I loved your Christmas pictures.