Dec 13, 2008

A Peculiar Hat

I am working on a quilt while the kids play next to me. A few minutes ago, Sissy was hatless. I looked up just two minutes later, she found these:
Where she found Hunter's underwear is beyond me. I'm just hoping they didn't come out of the dirty clothes basket. She loves hats and puts everything on her head. I snapped a couple pictures and posted them real quick. HAHAHAHA!
One of the most embarrassing things she has done is in Victoria Secrets. I went there for the underwear sale, and she pulled some out of the drawer, put them around her neck like a necklace, and started walking out the door! She la-LOVES hats and necklaces, and anything that looks close goes on her head or around her neck!

1 comment:

  1. Krista loved to wear underwear too, and I think Katie did too! It must run in the family - go figure! Oh, this is mom, not Krista.