Dec 7, 2008

So behind!

I got behind making shoes this last week. I guess I just wasn't prepared for Christmas buyers. Today I had 10 items to make! Most items take me an hour or so, so I had to move my sewing machine to the living room and sew during the day while the kids played beside me. Hunter was none too thrilled. But I am over 100 sales now, and in a week, I pulled in more than half of what I have been making in a month!
I also just made an adult sized shoe for a special order. I think they turned out pretty darn cute. Don't ask for them though. I realized I short changed myself in the price, and they used up a ton of material. They were a custom order from the first month of selling when I would sell to anyone, but she didn't actually buy them until this last week. Oh well, live and learn. (That's brown felt by the way, not black. And that's a brown ribbon, not green). I have the most color issues with my camera. Getting it to take pictures of red and pink is especially tricky.

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