Jan 14, 2009

And life still continues......

I'm going to quit writing about the CPSIA for the moment. Yes, I am probably going to lose my business over it, fighting it has taken over part of my life right now, and it will really drive our recession into a depression if it's not changed, but there are other things to blog about.

For example: We had a lovely Christmas with family in Missouri. We went to Tone's parent's house and his sister and her family joined us. Here are some pictures of all the kids (cousins) while we were there.
In their Christmas clothes for church. Dean, the twins Aubrie and Sierra, Hunter, and Ainsley. Yes, Hunter's a total rebel in blue with his robot tie on.
If the Christmas picture wasn't cute enough, here they are in matching jammies that grandma got them. Yes, they are all in red plaid. Are your eyes swimming?
We all went to an amusement park for family fun the day after Christmas. Do you know how nerdy you feel in the jumping frog ride? But a parent has to ride with the kiddies. Park rules. Daddy got to this time.
Hunter was not a fan of the loud bike, but sissy was. She did not want to get off but rode around and around with Daddy in front of the house. Guess what Hunter was a fan of? The huge log cabin play house that grandpa built. He practically lived in that thing while we were there. So. Well, my children don't follow stereotypes.
Dean got a Wii for Christmas. The adults all waited until the kids went to bed and then played until the wii hours (get it?) of the morning. Why did I take this picture. Squint hard. I'm the red player (the winner), who managed to get three strikes at the end too! A turkey, if you will. *ahem*, but I'm not bragging or anything.....
Yes, this is my brother-in-law. One of the girls got a Hannah Montana wig for Christmas. Since we were in Missouri, we wanted to find out just how red neck Scott could look. It's really not a pretty sight. Shari and Scott even brought a redneck board game that Tone and I were reeled into playing with them. We totally got in touch with our redneck roots ya'll. Oh dear. Sad, really sad. But we laughed and laughed and laughed!
Hunter is holding on to Aubrie while Grandpa leads them around. This was the neighbor's horse. The next go-round was Aubrie and Sierra's turn, and they both fell off when grandpa thought it would be fun to make the horse trot. I'm glad he didn't try that little experiment with my son up there. I love this picture though of them.
We got an XBOX 360 which Tone has been playing nonstop. I must admit, I'm really liking guitar hero. I love this picture because Hunter is "playing" too. He doesn't know that his remote isn't even plugged in and it's a Nintendo remote.
He went and got his little chair and is trying really hard to "get the bad guys". This game, Kung Fu Panda came with the XBOX and daddy thought Hunter might like to "play" it. Haha.
This is Sissy today cheesing it up for the camera. I was actually setting up a photo shoot for an item (of which I sold two within minutes of listing it).

She's pretty darn cute no? Angelic? Sweet? A little blase'?
Ha, she's no such thing. Look at the next picture. She was supposed to be eating the little pile of hot dog bites which you can see by the booster seat there. No. She climbed on top of the table, got into the PEZ dispenser from Hunter's stocking, and took off her pants (it's a new phase). I love how she loves to dress up with glitzy necklaces, fancy shoes and socks, and hats and bows, but finds no use for pants (and diapers for that matter if she can get it off.) So what did I do? What any other good mother would do. Grab the camera and take a picture before getting her down and reestablishing the need for pants.
So that ought to do it for a while. This is what you have been missing while I have been busy blogging about the CPSIA. Off to sew some shoes now while I still have a shop.........


  1. From a grandmother's point of view, this is much more interesting than the CSPIA blog (or whatever the initials are). Although I do understand you deep concern. Love the photos and always miss my kiddo's. Love you!

  2. Oh BP you never fail to make me laugh. "Wii" hours of the night. LOL. Also one day Hunter will be so scarred when he realizes his remote wasn't plugged in.