Jan 6, 2009

More bad thoughts on the new CPSIA law

I've been reading the actual law and it even says in one section that you cannot even give away cribs, gently used baby products, etc. that aren't clearly labeled and tested under the new laws. So now there will be problems with services like Good Will, The Salvation Army, Thrift Stores and other non-profits too. Every granny supporting herself by knitting baby socks for craft shows, charities, and hospitals is about to become a criminal. Used bookstores will no longer be allowed to resell children’s books, and those kid-to-kid resale shops will all disappear. Selling used toys at a garage sale, using freecycle, selling vintage toys on ebay to grownup collectors — illegal. So many people can only afford to purchase items second hand and many of these items newly banned are perfectly safe. In this economy, how can we actually support this?And what do we do with the items that can no longer be donated, given away or sold second hand? So much for families who are trying their best to reduce, reuse, recycle. Are landfills going to be overflowing with these items now? Can they even be thrown away if they are "hazardous"? Most people still don't even know about this law. Is the govt. going to be able to stop yard sales?

Safe + children’s stuff = good. But the way they’re putting it into action is insane. The deadline for compliance is a month away and businesses affected still can’t get clear, real answers on what we are supposed to do. Lots of small businesses are shutting down already, and more will follow over the next few weeks.
Every person in America is now supposed to take used clothing, shoes, toys, bedding and accessories TO THE DUMP unless they have proof that every component in the item was tested and certified lead-free. Even setting it out by the road for someone else to pick up is about to become a jailable federal offense. So sell it overseas! Except that we aren’t allowed to export untested goods either, even if those goods originally came from the country we are exporting them to.

I guess to me the greatest tragedy is the books. Every children's book will be declared a bio-hazardous material. No longer can you get used children's books. All books made this year and earlier will have to be destroyed. They will all have to be dumped or burned. This is an extreme tragedy. Yes, not even the books are exempt.

No small business can really afford to do the actual testing, (which the way the law is written to do the testing is fairly pointless), and only the big guys who import their crap plastic toys and stuff from China will be left standing. Wait, isn't it them who caused the lead scare in the first place????? And by the way, their prices are going to go up so they can afford the testing. Of course it's passed on to the consumer. Hope you are not a poor parent here in America. You're gonna need to be rich to have a child. What a twisted world we live in. Then I researched where most of these lead testing facilities are: Tons are in China, Thailand, Singapore, etc. Oh the irony!!!!!

The calls going to the congressmen? They are completely shocked when told of the repercussions. Even the ones who made up this law. At least the ones who will listen are shocked. The rest, who won't even reply or listen, all say that they are supporting this law %100 for the safety of our children. I'd rather have a little lead than this tragedy (which by way, recalls on toys with lead has gone down %43 from last year without any law at all but more supervising). But from the stink the lead scare has made, it's amazing the earth is populated at all!

I don't expect anything will change until all the children's boutiques on Rodeo Drive shut down. Haha! What will those celebrities do without their cashmere, one-of-a-kind, appliqued bibs? Will they have to buy plastic toys and mass-produced clothing items like the rest of us! The shame, the shame!!!!!! Haha!! Perhaps if all Suri can get is a plastic Fisher-Price toy, a congressman might be contacted, and he might even listen.

I've got an idea! Instead of filling a dump with new bio-hazardous books, stuffed animals, and kid's clothing, lets put it along our borders. No one will cross a bio-hazardous mountain if they are for sure to be serious poisoned and killed by it, right?????? But if the people on the other side now find a source for free cashmere, one-of-a-kind, appliqued bibs, and steal it, at least all that bio-hazardous material won't be in our country anymore right????


  1. Your last paragraph cracked me up. Forget the electric fence! Let's just make a fence of used children's materials.

    Anyways, the whole thing seems ridiculous. What is ETSY doing/saying about it? Have they shut down people's stores?

  2. You won't even be able to give your kid's clothes to your best friend. How exactly will they stop that? I sure hope someone files an injunction and takes it to court. Now, how do we find out if someone is doing that and support them?


  3. Well, you can make sure Obama knows about it. Change.org is set up. The top ten issues voted on will be presented to Obama as a major concern as soon as he gets in office. Here is the link:

    Go vote! It's definately in the top ten right now.

    It's all over etsy. Half the stores on there will have to shut down. They are very concerned, but are allowing stores to police themselves.