Jan 17, 2009

My most favoritest card ever!

So Hunter really wanted to make me a card today. I suggested making one and sending it to somebody, but no, he really just wanted to make me one. Why do I love it so much? It's only a white piece of paper with flowers glued haphazardly on it. Well, it's the first time he wrote his name all by himself. And he was so proud. But it also brought so many tears......
Here is the card in all it's glory. The second picture is my photoshop explaining his letters.

So the blue letters and arrows point out the letters. The "r" on the right brought a complete meltdown. There are 3 "U"'s because he wanted to get it "juuuust right" he said. He did it in order curving it around the flowers. But when he got to the last letter, he threw a complete fit. It went something like this:

"OOOHHHH! I can't do it Mommy! It's not an R!"

"It looks like an R to me Hunter. Great job!!!"

"No, it doesn't curve down!!!! It's supposed to curve down this part!!!"

He ran to his room sobbing while his dirty fists were wiping tears and making dirt streaks down his face. There are even some on this card (you can see the dirty marks around that "aweful" R which he hated so much) which just make it all the more precious to me. He crawled under his covers on his bed and just sobbed. I finally made him come out with lots of praise and encouragement, and he went back and made a new "r" (on the left here) which he was very proud and satisfied with. Then he was so proud that he wrote his name and he went all around the house finding the perfect place to display it. He finally settled on the dresser in my room so I could look at it when I go to sleep. Which reminds me....I better go put it back after writing this post because he will be looking for it..........