Feb 8, 2009

A crafting secret for hair clippies

So my daughter has fine, wispy, nonexistent hair. I am so excited that it is finally long enough on top to get a little clippy on. But what is a mother to do when they slip right out? The grosgrain ribbon that wraps around the clip does little to help. Ahhh, well here is a crafting secret.....for fool proof, no slipping bows, that grip like none other. And I figured this out all by myself.....
First buy a roll of shelf paper at Walmart. It looks like this and is the spongy kind with a checker board pattern. It comes in white and black and is about $3.50 a roll. Talk about cheap!

Cut a strip about two teeny squares wide as this will fit the best on the clip.

Then cut your strip into lengths of about 6-7 teeny squares long. This can be adjusted according to the length of your hair clippy of course. You will need two little strips for each clip.

Hot glue the strips inside the alligator clip (this also works for snap clips, but my favorite clippies are alligator type). I found that it is best if you glue it so that the bumpier side of the shelving paper is facing up (so that it grips the hair better).

See it again?

These are a small part of Ainsley's clip collection. I buy a lot of them at Walmart (because they are cheap), and I just glue this in when I get home. I also love making her clippies out of felt shapes that I cut out.

It grips so well, that unless Ainsley rips it out, it's not coming out. She usually leaves them in all day and brings them to me to put in her hair. I can attach them to a single piece of thread and shake hard, and it won't slip off.
You want to know something ridiculous? I saw a few sellers on etsy sellings these little strips in a pack of 50 for the same price as I bought the whole ROLL for. Talk about an easy return for your money. They called them "no slip" grips. Hahaha! Yeah right. It's just grippy shelf paper folks. Now don't sue me for giving away your secret. I figured it out all on my own as anyone could.
So while I was making this little tutorial, taking pictures and gluing in strips, what was Hunter to do? Well, at the Dollar Store yesterday I let him buy this little foam glider. I inadvertently, did not put the paint back in the cupboard but left it neatly on the table. He helped himself. I don't even think he is sorry. His face says it all.......

Can we say a mess? But he is proud of his creation. I just hope it dries soon. It's washable kid's paint fortunately, and luckily none of it got on the carpet. Whew!

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  1. The airplane looks great! That's what you get for blogging right? Mim is playing with her water table. I am pretending it isn't getting water all over the floor so that I can catch up on some blogs :) Thanks for the hair clip tip.