Feb 1, 2009

Hunter has some sweet moves

Hunter has some sweet moves. I am taking no responsibility for teaching him any of these. Blame it on the very annoying show "Hip Hop Harry" that is on the Sprout channel in the morning. Yes, that's a real show. I am so not lying, and I can't stand it. My apologies if you are bored with this. I was laughing so hard while he was dancing, that tears were literally flowing. His favorite dance songs are, "The Cat Came Back", "Play that Funky Music", "I Like to Move It, Move It", and "Can't Touch This." In the next video I took, which I did not post here, he was doing the backwards moon walk with his sunglasses on.

Wow. Talk about nerdy. He has some moves like I never had. He danced for about 45 minutes to these few songs while we made cookies.

I also thought I would include a picture of him explaining a picture he drew in Sunday School. Also kinda funny. The story was on Jesus telling James and John to fish on the other side of the boat and they caught a lot of fish when they did. So he drew a fish picture. This is more for the out-of-town family who don't get to see him very much.

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