Feb 18, 2009

I finally sewed something for Ainsley

So I finally sewed something for Ainsley again. I mean, she does get all the sample shoes for my shop, so she has about a million pairs of booties, but I have been meaning to sew her a dress out of this fabric for forever (well, really just two months, but it's seemed like forever). The pattern I changed a bit. I added the pocket and the ruffle on the bottom. It was a pattern for a dress Mom made me when I was little. I can still remember the dresses she made. Two summer dresses that I just loved when I was five years old. I even have pictures of me in them and some scraps of that fabric in my fabric boxes. I always felt so loved and special when Mom made me dresses. I made this in a size one, but it's more like 2T. I'll take pictures of Ainsley in it later. The fabric was so fun, it just screamed "make a dress out of me!" So I did. Now I need to make a hair clippy to match! With leggings, a turtle neck, and her bright red high top shoes, how cute it this? Well, I hope it's not TOO bright. What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I think it's very cute and I am so pleased that you felt special when I sewed for you and that now you're passing this special feeling on to Ainsley. Those are great memories for me too.