Feb 8, 2009

It was too wet to play, so we sat in the house on that cold, cold wet day

The poor wet toys as the rain pelted and the thunder boomed outside!

I couldn't resist posting the line from the "Cat in the Hat". So at the beginning of the week, the warm weather drove us out and we went to the park and had some fun at the water's edge. The last part of the week, it rained and rained and rained.
So we painted. Sissy's first time. She liked it, but kept trying to turn the paper over.

And curled up watching "Peter Pan". Again. For the hundrenth time. Hunter lives for the part where the crocodile chases Captian Hook and Smee chases after him in the row boat. They are eating fruit loops cereal. I am out of my low fat popcorn, and so this was their very healthy snack. I'm such a great mom...letting the TV entertain while they eat sugar cereal.

We also went to the library where I got a couple mysteries to read in my nonexistent time, and Hunter got Magic Tree House and Junie B Jones Books. I read him chapters in them every day. We have read a ton so far and he loves them. I am surprised that he wants to hear chapter books, but he does, and doesn't mind that there aren't any pictures because I read in a lively way. Ainsley got some books too which Hunter picked to read with her. He also still likes picture books. The library is right next to the pizza place, where they make scrumptious dough from scratch and it's cheaper than Round Table or Pizza Hut. So of course we had lunch there.

And what did we do when it was sunny?
Well, Hunter tried riding a bike without training wheels for the first time, while Ainsley practiced modeling accessories. What Mom? She thinks she looks good.

I was so proud of Hunter. He loves it and didn't get frustrated once. Even though he can't do it yet. If you don't know my son, this was quite a feat. Most endeavors end in tears even with much encouragement.

And we went to the Lake to eat lunch and throw rocks. A little boy's dream, no?

And apparently big boys like it too. Daddy got big rocks and showed Hunter how to aim and hit the log out there. The bigger the splash the better for both of them.

Sissy hung out up on the bank away for any water. But she still had a grand time too. There was a lot of food to eat, so that always makes her happy. She really doesn't need much else ya know. She couldn't even take the tortilla out of her mouth for a smile. She just lets it all hang out. And yes, those are boys shoes, bought for camping and occasions such as this when the need for brown shoes is necessary.

She likes all glasses. She loves her sunglasses. And her Daddy.

Hey, Mama! They even brought a little "seat" for me! She loves her "seat". She doesn't say the word "chair". Just "seat."

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