Feb 11, 2009

Me thinks someone is approaching age two

Here she is in her cute valentines outfit refusing to even look at me. Total rebellion.

When she does look at me, I get this look. Nice.

Today I was sewing when Hunter came yelling, "Mooooommy, I was putting lotion on my legs, see Mommy," he lifts up his pant legs, "and sissy is playing in it and making a big mess!" Oh dear. First of all, why is HUNTER in my rose smelling lotion, and how did Sissy get it?
She came around the corner just then covered in lotion. We ran together to the bathroom to look. In the middle of telling Sissy, "no no" very sternly, she looks at me and goes back to playing in it.
She did very nicely put the lid back on the lotion tub first as if she was making an attempt to obey.

She smelled very strong the rest of the day. Luckily, lotion cleans up well. Please, please, please don't let me have another Hunter that gets into everything on purpose!
By the way, she talks VERY well now, and can communicate most of what goes on her little world.

My very messy sewing space at the moment. Yes, I got some big guns. I found this plastic holder that sits by the machine and holds the large spools of thread, so I don't have to keep rethreading and buying little spools at the store. So much more cost effective!


  1. You still have to rethread your bobbins like normal though, right? How does that work? Do you wind up a bunch all at once to eliminate having to stop so much? Do you usually use the same color of thread for things, or do you use different colors for different shoes? :) Just me and my sewing questions!!!

  2. Yeah. There is a bobbin winder that you can get too, that sits beside the machine that winds them for you quickly so you don't have to stop, but I don't have that. I just wind a bunch at a time. I basically use only 7 colors for all my shoes, and so I can keep a bunch of each color stocked. Some shoes use more than one color of thread, so that's a pain. Now when I design shoes, I try to avoid that.
    I just realized it was WAY cheaper to buy the big spools than a bunch of the little ones. It's a money saver.