Feb 16, 2009

My Valentine's Day - with the kids.....

We had a Happy Valentine's day. It started with making chocolate cupcakes with Hunter's bestest friend, Emma. I would post a pic but I'm not sure how Emma's Mommy feels about blogs and her daughter's pic on them.
I was in the middle of taking pictures of new shoes I sewed up, when Hunter wanted to take a picture in the backyard of me. These are the new shoes I created this week. I think they turned out better than the last pair made in this fabric. In fact, I love them!

So out we traipsed to the backyard for a photo shoot. I actually took the time to do my long hair since it was Valentine's Day, and I knew it would make the hubby happier than my usual pony tail. I am due for a haircut, but I am a long hair kind of gal.

Ainsley was not so thrilled with this. She wanted to swing on the swings.
Hunter took this one of Ainsley too during an accidental point and shoot, but I love it!

These pictures of them on the swings pretty much sums up their personalities. Look at the faces on those two goobers.

Then she wanted to go down the slide. Hahaha! I cannot believe I caught this on video. Or the fact that she came up laughing and went down again and again. I promise you she was not hurt. She got up, clapped and said "YAY!" She kept face planting and loving it. I got a second video of her face planting but I'll refrain, since this first one is funny enough.

The had an early dinner, and into the tub they went. They needed to smell clean for church tomorrow ya know.

Hunter got the brilliant idea that the goggles might help keep the water out of his eyes during the hair washing. He cries every time about the water and shampoo. He's giggling here about how funny this is.

After baths, they had an early bedtime. 6:30 to be exact. Since they pretty much skipped naps today, they had no idea it was way earlier.

So quickly sound asleeep with her usual thumb in her mouth.

After they went to bed, Tone and I cooked a great dinner together (trying a couple of new dishes), and watched a movie. Something I never get to do anymore with my evenings taken up sewing.
One thing that we cooked that was really simple that we loved was the vegetable. Really!
We cooked green beans and asparagus.
Heat the skillet, coat bottom with olive oil (enought to lightly coat the veggies) and toss in the veggies. Cook for a couple minutes stirring constantly. Toss some fresh garlic in and cook for a couple more minutes while stirring. Sprinkle with Kosher salt. Delicious!
With fried pita bread and filet mignon, it was a great dinner! Of course, we also made white russians to drink. Now I realize red wine would have been the drink of choice to go with the meal, but we are more of a mixed drink kind of couple.
We never did get to dessert - chocolate fondue. We fully meant to, but we were so tired after watching the movie, we just fell asleep. How unromantic. Oh well. It was nice to get to go to sleep at a decent hour for once. I had sewn the night before until 2 in the morning so that I could take the evening off for Valentine's day.
I'll post this last picture as a shout out to my fantastically creative sister-in-law. I have no patience for cross-stitch, knitting or crocheting (though I can crochet), but you have to count stitches. I hate that. I wish I could sit long enough for that because then I could make fabulous creations like this sweater she made for Ainsley last year. Ainsley finally fits it, and I thought it would be perfect over her valentine's dress for church. She was just so completely darling in it! Wish she would have let me take the cup away for a better picture!

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  1. So I somehow missed the video the first time I saw this blog. Holy crap, I haven't seen anything so funny in my life as Ainsley rolling down that slide. I freakin rolled on the floor laughing. I'm glad she's ok but man that was brilliant.