Feb 22, 2009

Picture of the dress and messy food

I tried to take some delightful pictures of Ainsley in her new dress. "Tried" would be the key word in that last sentence. Look at her glare at me as she sees me whip out the camera. But before I share those, I would like to take a moment to show how Ainsley usually looks. Less you think my darling daughter is too pristine looking. Mind you, these pictures were taken in matter of two days only. So as you can see, she is quite messy most of the time.
After destroying her peanut butter sandwhich she enjoys an oreo. Don't you take it apart and lick the middle out too? She always does and feels that the chocolate cookie part is optional.

This would be smeared banana that she rubbed all in her hair and down her arms. She didn't miss an inch of her head which I wish showed up better in this picture.

This would be a valentine cupcake that she also felt must be smeared all over head. It's a new phase, and I'm not sure what it's all about. I'm actually not even sure how much of this cupcake she ate since it's pretty much in crumbles.

I had the hardest time getting pictures of her in the dress. None of these are great, but you get the idea. She just wouldn't let me take one for the life of me.
I tried running a photo filter on the above picture to give it an aged look. I'm not sure what I think.
Here she is running away from me.

She's holding Hunter's lizard which was the only time I was able to get her to stand still for a second for a quick shot. And she's looking at the slide thinking of making another break for it.

She got herself soaked playing in our fountain. Her dress is wet in most of these pictures which made the pocket sag. Hunter didn't help much. He kept pumping the pump while I was trying to take the picture.

Out riding bikes with Daddy. These pictures have nothing to do with this post except they are cute. Permit me a mommy moment to post cute, nonapplicable pictures.

And because I ended the last photo blog with Ainsley sleeping, here's a couple of Hunter from the last couple of days. He got up from his nap wearing his tiger costume yesterday and his superhero cape. It makes me wonder how much he really "napped".

Luckily, he is napping today while I blog. Here is the picture of what he is currently doing right now. It must have taken him a while to fall asleep though because I see the signs of him playing. Those animals which are so carefully lined up by his head where on the shelf when I put him to bed. I guess he needed some pals to fall asleep with.


  1. Try asking the kids if they can see you through the lens. I've heard for older kids this works. Try lollipops or any refined sugar. Really cute dress :)

  2. I think Ainsley totally looks like Krista in so many of the pics! Do you see that, too?

    I wish I could wake up from a nap with a superhero cape on - it might help the rest of the day!

  3. They are adorable! Totally off topic but I was thinking of you yesterday because my kids begged for cookies and I made your chocolate no-bakes. The recipe is still on the same note-card from Jr. High, vanilla stains and all!