Mar 30, 2009

Growing up....and FAST!

I was feeling pretty nostalgic today. Two of my friends had babies this month, and another announced that there is another on the way. I looked at my two babies and realized, I didn't really have babies anymore. *sigh* I love this year with the two of them home with me, and realize that this time is quickly passing. Next year Hunter will be in kindergarten. A lot of mommies I know have their kids in preschool. I can't imagine giving Hunter up any earlier. Call me sentimental, but I'm having a hard enough time giving him up for kindergarten! I took a picture of the two of them wrestling with Daddy yesterday. I love our little happy family spending time together during the days Tone is off.

So here is my "baby" girl. She's not so babyish, even though she is pretty small for her age. She makes up for it with her talking and spunk. She's holding two little figures (Diego and Polly Pocket) and playing "Mommy Daddy" with them. I think my little girl is turing out so pretty when I look at these pictures!

She's blowing me a kiss!

Here she is last year at the same time. How little she looks compared to now! She wasn't even walking yet. Now she's running, jumping, and babbling through the house from the minute she gets up! Obviously this picture was taken before my baby shoe business. She didn't fit any shoes at the moment that were particularly cute.

And here's my baby, Hunter, at 3 months. Awww, and he was such a cute baby! I just realized that we've been in this house almost two years. When we moved in, Hunter was just a little bit older than Ainsley is now, and Ainsley was a newborn. How quickly time passes. Soon I'll be getting ready to send Ainsley off to kindergarten just like Hunter!

Hunter is looking so big now compared to that baby picture! He's 4 and a half! The new thing now is wearing a costume everyday. He only has three: a tiger, pirate, or batman. He also has a superman cape, but he doesn't like the way it feels around his neck. Today, we worked in the yard. I planted all my summer perennials. They got HUGE last year, so I backed them up farther away from the sidewalk. Last year, they grew over the whole sidewalk so it was hard to walk up to the door. We had to cut them back. I also bought a new tree to go in front of my living room window. It's a little Japanese maple since the spot needs a small tree that likes shade. I can't wait for it to grow big enough to make a spectacular display of color in the fall.

I don't know how she roped him into it, but he looks thrilled doesn't he? Emma, his best friend next door got him to wear a girl outfit. Heidi, Emma's mommy, snapped this pic before he immediately jumped out of it. Emma is thoroughly enjoying the moment. This is a priceless picture, yes?! One to show in Hunter's graduation or wedding slide show someday I think. I must never erase this off my computer......

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