Mar 31, 2009

The little moments....

It's the little moments that crack me up. We went to the park today with my Aunt and 15 year old cousin, Brett. Brett skateboards. Hunter really really really wanted to take his trike in with the big kids instead of rolling around on the sidewalk outside and looking in wistfully. At the end I finally let him before we went home. I didn't want him in the big kids way the whole time. Look at him. He feels so big. He kept dragging his trike up this ramp and rolling down. The bigger ramps were "too scary" he said. Sorry for the quality of these pictures. They were taken on my camera phone as I realized what a funny moment this was.
And can there be anything more precious than bedtime? A lot of times, I don't want to do the whole routine, but when I do, it's always a sweet moment to end the day. Hunter has decided that he loves showers, because he doesn't like sharing a bath with sissy. She splashes too much. So she is brushing her teeth while she waits for Hunter to get out of the shower. It's more like she stripped her clothes off when she saw him get in and was shreaking to get in the bath too (she loves them). She kept yelling, "Ah Baff! Mommy. Tooooo!" Which means, "I want a bath, Mommy, too!" So to distract her while Hunter finished up, I let her "brush her teeth" after I was done brushing them.
After the bath, she was busy reading the book I just read to Hunter while she was in the bath.
And then both kiddos go to bed. Doesn't look like she is sleepy does it? She was not wanting to go. She was calling for Hunter who comes and gives her a kiss and a hug every night before she lays down. I made a video of it because it is so cute. But Hunter forgot so I had to go and get him. He was thrilled to be wanted, and came running. Wish I would have gotten the part of them kissing and hugging. Instead I just got the part of her calling to him in the doorway.

But I'm not sleepy, Mommy! She tells me, "No, no nap! Pway!" (translation, "No nap, Play!")

Don't let her fool you. Rubbing the eyes is a dead giveaway. She's tired. It was long day!

She says, "Where Hunter go?" And then she tells him "Night, night, Bye bye, and I love you". She cuddles into her "Nanny" (she has been calling her blanket this is for months for some unknown reason), puts her thumb in her mouth, and I don't hear a peep the rest of the night from her. She calls for me around 8am.

And then I go to work. Except I was caught up tonight and didn't really do much. It was nice to just sit down and do other things besides working. A week later, I am still on Bangkok time and having trouble sleeping until 3 or 4 am. I just can't fall asleep. You would think I would have switched over by now. I am getting up in the morning so you would think the tiredness would catch up with me and I would sleep. Maybe tonight......I hope.

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