Mar 1, 2009

So we decided to drive up an hour or so up the mountain on Friday and take the kids to the snow for some sledding. Hunter woke us up at 6:30 am fully dressed in his snowsuit and boots telling us he was ready to get in the car and go. He was awefully disappointed we didn't get out the door until 10:00. Boy was he hyped and ready. That kid was a dare devil. He biffed and ate it all day long and didn't care. My favorite was when he bailed off the tobagon half way down the steapest part of the hill and went the rest of the way spread eagle on his back, head facing downhill. So stinkin funny.
He had a great time but we had glove trouble. His were slightly outgrown from last year, and they kept letting snow in. Then he screamed bloody murder until someone got it out. We finally put mine on him, but they were so big they kept falling off.
I told Sissy to smile and this is what I got. Nice. She decided to get sick right when we got to the snow hill. She spent the whole time fussing on the top of the hill. We took her down a couple of times, but she didn't really enjoy it. Her tummy hurt to much. She would laugh going down, and then fuss at the bottom. She woke us up a few times that night throwing up, so I guess she really was sick. It seems like every time we try to have a family fun day, Sissy gets sick. And she doesn't let us know it until we get to wherever we are going, and it's too late to do anything about it. So she sat at the top in an unused sled with me, alternately fussing and eating. Eating is the only thing we have found that makes her happy 100% of the time.
The full get-up. It's quite a snow suit. The suit was soaked by the end of the day, but Hunter was dry and toasty on the inside.
Hunter is dragging Tone down the hill in this picture. Daddy was laying on the tube trying to catch his breathe. I guess he didn't get to. I got a video of it too. Hunter then went down on this bottom. I don't know how his tailbone isn't sore.

So I decided to cut off the long hair. So here's the new cut. I'm not sure what I think. It's pretty short on top but I made sure she left it long enough to still get into a tiny ponytail. But seriously, I can blow dry and straighten it in 10-15 minutes rather than 1 hour with my long hair. Of course, I never do blow dry and straighten in one shot. Too much time because my hair is too thick. I let it airdry first and then straighten it. I'm loving that it's been thinned out. I am a long hair kind of gal, but my long hair was an extreme hassle and there was no way I could have it that way in Thailand. However, I am really struggling on getting to used to the new haircut. It doesn't feel very "me" somehow. I thought it would make me look older and as I am turning (*ACK!*) 30 this year and should maybe try growing up, it actually did the opposite I think.

Staking up some of my daffodils that were falling over. Not as many came up this year, even though I planted more in the fall.

Hunter and Ainsley heard the neighbor kids through the fence. Hunter can't handle a day without his best friend next door. Isn't this the cutest as they talk to each other through the fence? There is a knot hole conveniently placed there that they use.

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  1. Very fun snow report. And I like your new haircut - it suits you very much and I think you do look older.